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Break-in at charity shop in Bridlington

Charity workers’ uniforms and collection boxes were stolen in a break-in at the Bridlington branch of the Samaritans.

Police say the incident happened between 11pm on Tuesday, March 1 and 08.15am on Wednesday, March 2, at the charity’s offices in St Mary’s Walk, Bridlington.

It is believed that thieves got into the premises after smashing a window, before making an untidy search of the premises and making off with the fundraising equipment. A laptop and coin jar were also stolen.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.


Distinctive brass recovered from Bridlington

Police are asking for help to find the owners of a distinctive collection of brass recovered from a property in Bridlington recently.

The brass items were recovered following a recent search of a property in Bridlington. We don't know where the items have come originally from or who the rightful owner or owners are.

With the mining brasses it might be that the items were stolen from a house outside of our area so as many people that share the information the better and we can give them their items back.

– Inspector Rob Cocker

Two youths wanted after break-in at E-Cigarette Outlet

Humberside Police have released CCTV images following a break-in at an E-Cigarette outlet in Bridlington.

Credit: Humberside Police

Police say the suspects stole £40 worth of E-Cigarette liquid after a plate glass window was broken and the alarm was triggered.

The incident took place at 5:30am on Sunday 7th February at the E-Cigarette Outlet on the Promenade in Bridlington.

Both suspects are described as white males, aged between 13 -16 years old and between 5ft 5in and 5 ft 7in tall.


43-year-old woman assaulted in Bridlington

Humberside Police are appealing for information after a woman was assaulted in Bridlington.

Credit: Press Association

Police say the 43-year-old woman was assaulted as she was walking along Scarborough Road in Bridlington.

The victim was pushed from behind and then slapped one of the two men int he face. After the attack, both men ran towards Burstall Hill.

The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday 31st January. The 43-year-old woman was left uninjured but very shaken.

Motorcyclist injured in Bridlington crash

Police are appealing for witnesses after a motorcyclist was injured in a crash in Bridlington.

The bike was being ridden from Sewerby Heads roundabout along Fortyfoot towards the town centre when it was in collision with a white truck.

The 21-year-old motorcyclist suffered minor head injuries and a broken leg and was taken to Scarborough hospital for treatment.

The truck driver was uninjured.

Staff member injured in Bridlington attempted robbery

Humberside police are appealing for information after three masked men tried to rob a store in Bridlington.

Robbery suspect Credit: Humberside Police

Police say the gang walked into the store in Queensgate carrying pieces of wood. They tried to steal money from the till before hitting one staff member with the weapon and left the store empty handed.

Member of staff is hit Credit: Humberside Police
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