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Report into East Yorkshire flooding

A report into the floods which hit parts of East Yorkshire last Christmas has outlined what lessons have been learned. Residents of Burton Fleming near Bridlington had 18 inches of water to deal with when most other people were opening presents and cooking the turkey.

A series of recommendations have now been agreed to better deal with a repeat of those conditions. James Webster reports.

Floodwaters continue to go down

Floodwaters, in the village of Burton Flemming in East Yorkshire, are continuing to go down after it was submerged for ten days over Christmas. Several properties were flooded after the roadside beck-''the Gypsy race'' burst its banks.

It is believed to be the worst flooding in living memory for local residents. East Yorkshire Council and Environment agency are using pumps to help clear water from he village..


Delays for road and rail travellers

Road and rail travellers endured another bleak mid-winter morning rush-hour on Friday, with disruption reported in Yorkshire.

Flooded highways and rail lines, over-running engineering work and train staff unavailability all added to the gloom of a dark, wet, late-December journey to work.

In East Yorkshire, Front Street in Burton Fleming was closed due to flooding, while high water levels also meant the closure of part of Mill Lane in Stutton, North Yorkshire.