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Electricity substation danger warning

There are warnings about the dangers surrounding electricity substations, after intruders removed cables from 14 sites across Sheffield during September 2012.

South Yorkshire Police are working closely with Northern Powergrid to identify those responsible for the thefts, and raise awareness of the dangers of entering substations.

People who attack electricity substations are not only breaking the law, they are putting the safety of people, including themselves, at risk. High electricity voltage runs through these substations and there is a real risk of electrocution when entering these sites.

We want to warn members of the public about the potential dangers, and we would urge the public to stay away from substations. We are working hard to catch those people responsible for the thefts and deal with them robustly.

– Inspector Jason Booth, South Yorkshire Police

Theft of metal from our power assets is an utterly foolhardy act that puts at risk the lives of not only the thieves but also the general public. It brings disruption to the community and the damage it can cause may take weeks to repair fully.

“We want everyone to know that metal theft is a mindless crime with dire consequences and Northern Powergrid is working closely with the police to combat the crime and to raise awareness among members of the public.

– Nigel Walker, Vulnerable Assets Manager for Northern Powergrid

Cable theft

Thieves have stolen cable in North East Lincolnshire.

400m of cable was taken between 11am on Sunday 22 April and 2:30pm on Monday 23 April from Stallingborough Road, Immingham. Police believe a vehicle was used to remove and transport it. It was later found dumped in a nearby field.

Officers believe the vehicle was driven through a fence on the A180 after they had disposed of the cable


Cable theft costs businesses £1m

Cable theft Credit: ITV, Yorkshire

Cable theft has cost the regional economy an estimated £1.2m in the past year with some small businesses suffering upto £5,000 a day in lost revenue. Firms have been left without internet, phones and multimedia services because of cable theft leaving them unable to communicate with customers.