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Meet 'Mogzilla' the super cat .... and he's still growing!

Ludo the super-size feline is three times the size of a normal cat - and he is still growing. His owners, Kelsey and Matthew Gill from Ryhill, near Wakefield, wonder if he could even be THE biggest cat in the UK.

Quite a handful

Ludo, a Maine Coon cat weighs in at 24.5lbs (11kg) and is 45 inches long. Mr and Mrs Gill bought him from a breeder around a year ago - and have been told that at only 17 months old, he is set to continue growing.

At 28 weeks and 12.5lbs he was roughly the size of the Gill's son, Cameron, but he's since almost doubled in size.

As big as a child

As a kitten he was tiny. But whatever their size, Maine Coons are known as ‘the gentle giants’ of the cat world and the Gills say that, despite being the size of a dog, he's very friendly and affectionate.

Tiny as a kitten


Cat theft ruins a family's festive break

A family say their festive period has been ruined after their prized pet cats were stolen whilst they slept are offering a thousand pound reward for the return of the pedigree felines. Last Saturday night, the Sutton home in Scholes was burgled.

hey awoke to find their two 10-year-old Birman house cats called Zuma and Ruble gone, along with other belongings. We have been speaking to their owner, Leigh Sutton.

Cat crisis at RSPCA centres

Won't somebody give me a home? Credit: Calendar news

The RSPCA says it is facing a cat crisis, with centres in the region full to capacity. It is so bad that some branches cannot take any more and others have as many as 100 waiting for new homes.

RSPCA branches and animal centres across the East of the Calendar region are reporting unprecedented numbers of felines in their care. Volunteers and branch staff say the pressure is putting them at breaking point and are calling on the public to help by giving the cats a new home.

The cat crisis is believed to be down to a number of factors RSPCA volunteers say:

— Owners can no longer afford to keep them and are giving them up

— Their cat falls ill and owners cannot afford the vet bills

— Many cats are falling pregnant and having large number of kittens, because their owner failed to neuter them.

Two cats shot in the head in Mansfield

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two cats from the same house in Mansfield were shot with air rifles last month. Gizmo, a Siamese cross, was shot about five weeks ago near his home in Houfton Road. He came home between with an eye wound.

Mr Hart took Gizmo to the vets where it was found that he had actually been shot in the eye. The pellet went so deep into Gizmo’s head that it ended up being lodged next to the top of his spine. Vets decided it was too risky to operate to remove the pellet, but Gizmo has now made a good recovery.

Then, just a couple of weeks later, another of the family’s five cats, Nelly, also came home at about 9pm. The black and white cat had been shot in the head. Vets were able to remove the pellet and Nelly is now doing well.

Thankfully these two cats survived, but they went through a horrific ordeal and they are extremely lucky to have a caring owner who got them to a vet for treatment. Sadly air weapon attacks on animals are a huge problem and those behind them must know that they are causing a great deal of suffering to the animals and distress to their owners. We need anyone with information about these attacks to come forward – please call our inspector information line on 0300 123 8018 and spare other animals from suffering.”

– RSPCA inspector Keith Ellis
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