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EDL gather outside Rotherham police station

Rotherham police station's main desk is closed as members of the English Defence League gather outside at the end of their march through the town.

Members of the English Defence League have gathered outside Rotherham Police station at the end of their march Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Crash barriers thrown at police during ugly scenes in Rotherham

From ITV Correspondent Jon Hill in Rotherham:

There have been ugly scenes in Rotherham as demonstrators have thrown crash barriers at police during an English Defence league march.

While members of the far right group walked through the town centre, a group of protestors tried to force their way through police lines.

Amid intense security the march has been brought to a temporary pause while hundreds of people who'd veered off the main route are brought back within the police cordon.

A smaller vigil is being held by Unite Against Fascism a few hundred yards away in the town centre. A spokesperson said the vigil was for the 1,400 abuse victims, but also a protest at attempts by others to turn the scandal into a racist issue.


Police vigilant ahead of Rotherham EDL march

Three arrests ahead of Rotherham EDL march

Three men who have been linked to today's English Defence League march in Rotherham have been arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon.

The men were picked up in the Wickersley area of the town and are currently being held by police.

Despite police predictions that more than a thousand EDL members would turn up to today's protest, the South Yorkshire Force says that there are currently only around 200 people in the town centre.

Tight security ahead of Rotherham child abuse demonstration

EDL members have gathered to protest at the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Police have towed away at least three cars on the route of an English Defence League march in Rotherham town centre.

Some of the expected 1,300 EDL members have gathered for the start of the far-right protest which is being staged following the child sex abuse scandal which has hit the town.

It's thought 1,300 members of the EDL will join the march Credit: ITV Yorkshire

So-called 'public order barriers' which are usually used for football disorder have been erected around the town centre. The 10ft high barricades have sealed off shopping streets. A number of shops have also closed.

A number of shops in Rotherham town centre have closed ahead of an EDL rally in the town Credit: ITV Yorkshire
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