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'People are my medium' - artist calls for volunteers to go nude for art

The search is on for one thousand people to get naked in public in Hull. World renowned photographer Spencer Tunick has chosen the city for his latest nude art installation.

His artwork has been staged worldwide, from Sydney to Mexico City. Now he wants to paint people blue and green for the piece called 'Sea of Hull' in July.

It's difficult to get up for one of my works really at sunrise, but once you're there you realise "I'm going to go through with it" and the end result will be an artwork that not only will hang in a gallery or museum, but also hang in their homes. I need people's help you know. People are my medium.

– Spencer Tunick, Artist


Hull to be home of Turner Prize in 2017

It is perhaps the most famous award in the world of art - both for its prestige and the controversy it generates - and today it has been announced that Hull will be the home for the Turner Prize in its year as City of Culture in 2017.

The competition, to be staged at the Ferens Art gallery, is the first major event of the year to be confirmed and it's expected to attract thousands of visitors to the area.

Fiona Dwyer reports:

Hull 2017 boss: Everyone needs the arts, the arts need everyone


Teenage entrepreneur named Hull's City of Culture educational leader

A young entrepreneur has been named as Hull's City of Culture educational leader.

Phil Batty, who set up a youth marketing company in the city when he was 16, was quizzed by pupils at Winifred Holtby School today; one of his first jobs in the role.

They wanted to know what events they could get involved in - either by watching, helping to plan, or even taking part in.

Mr Batty said there would be plenty of opportunities for young people to get involved:

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