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Place des Anges 'a soaring success for Hull'

Organisers of the Place des Anges performance in Hull say the show was a "joyous experience" which they hope will be remembered for many years.

It was the first major event staged by the team behind Hull City of Culture 2017.

Video courtesy of Hull UK City of Culture 2017

We are thrilled with how Place des Anges went and the public response to it. It was a joyous experience, which we hope will live in people’s memories for years to come. It was wonderful to see people of all ages throwing feathery snowballs and even rolling around on the soft white blanket that covered the ground, surrounded by some of Hull’s architectural heritage.

As we look forward to Hull being UK City of Culture in 2017, we shouldn’t forget it’s only one of the many great events taking place this summer that show what a terrific place this is for culture. There is incredible enthusiasm across the city and beyond, amongst our partners and supporters, the cultural organisations, our volunteers and of course the public. It is from this wellspring energy, ideas and creativity that Hull will produce an extraordinary 365 days of great cultural activity next year.

– Martin Green, CEO and director of Hull 2017


Hull to get extra £3 million for UK City of Culture year

Funding announced at breakfast gathering

Hull is to get an extra £3 million to spend on it's year as UK City of Culture.

The money, which will come from the Heritage Lottery Fund, was announced at a breakfast gathering in Hull called to launch a series of events in the city this summer.

Martin Green, the man in charge of the city's cultural celebrations says it will mean a boost for local libraries.

'People are my medium' - artist calls for volunteers to go nude for art

The search is on for one thousand people to get naked in public in Hull. World renowned photographer Spencer Tunick has chosen the city for his latest nude art installation.

His artwork has been staged worldwide, from Sydney to Mexico City. Now he wants to paint people blue and green for the piece called 'Sea of Hull' in July.

It's difficult to get up for one of my works really at sunrise, but once you're there you realise "I'm going to go through with it" and the end result will be an artwork that not only will hang in a gallery or museum, but also hang in their homes. I need people's help you know. People are my medium.

– Spencer Tunick, Artist
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