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News of arrest 'hasn't sunk in' for Claudia's mother

The mother of Claudia Lawrence says the news of an arrest today in connection with her daughter's disappearance has not sunk in.

Earlier today, a man named locally as Michael Snelling, was arrested by police on suspicion of murder.

Joan Lawrence was Mayor of Malton until this week and on Sunday gave a speech relinquishing her position in the town.

Mrs Lawrence told Christine Talbot that she and her other daughter Ali still struggle with occasions where they feel Claudia's absence most:


Friend 'never doubted' in search for Claudia

A close friend of Claudia Lawrence says she always believed there would be progress in the case.

"I have always put my faith in the police," Suzy Cooper said. "I never really doubted that."

The 49-year-old, who lives in York and works in accounting, said it had been impossible for her to move on in her life after her friend's disappearance.

Over the last five years there have not been major things happening in Claudia's case. For five years that has been really frustrating. It feels more tangible now there is an arrest. I have been trying to focus on my own life but Claudia has always been in my thoughts. I have been told by zillions of people 'you have to get on with your life', but I haven't done it very well. I haven't been able to let go. I cannot put it to bed, I cannot say 'that's happened, move on' because it's still happening.

– Suzy Cooper, friend of Claudia Lawrence


Claudia's friend praises police progress after arrest

Friends of Claudia Lawrence have welcomed the news that a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

One of the missing chef's friends, Jen King, said the arrest showed detectives were making progress.

She told the York newspaper, The Press: "If it goes somewhere that's great but if not it shows the investigation is ongoing.

"It's a step towards this one day being resolved."

Ms Lawrence's father told The Press: "I'm very pleased they appear to be making progress by making this arrest."

Claudia arrest: Police at house on Burnholme Grove

Police are searching a house on Burnholme Grove, in York. The run-down semi is about half a mile from Miss Lawrence's house.

Police at house on Burnholme Grove
Police at house on Burnholme Grove

A police van was parked outside the property and a number of forensic science officer could be seen inside in white overalls.

The house, which has a drive and pebbled front garden, is about half-way down a quiet cul-de-sac

Police at house on Burnholme Grove
Police at house on Burnholme Grove
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