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Claudia Lawrence: forensic search will continue for a number of days

Forensic teams continue to search at a property in York

Forensic searches at properties in York and North Shields are expected to continue for a number of days, as police investigate the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence.

The chef, who worked at York University, went missing in 2009 on her way to work.


Searches continue in York home over Claudia disappearance

Searches are continuing this afternoon at the house of a man arrested by police investigating the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence.

Sniffer dog arrives at Burnholme Grove

Police sniffer dogs have arrived at the York home of Michael Snelling who was arrested by officers yesterday.

Officers at Burnholme Grove
Officers at Burnholme Grove


Forensic tent at search house

Police have erected a forensic tent at the house of a man arrested by police investigating the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence.

Forensic tent in the garden of a house on Burnholme Grove

The man, named locally as Michael Snelling, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder.

Officers have been searching a house on Burnholme Grove in York since yesterday and have now put up a forensic tent in the garden.

Neighbours speak of their shock

People living near Mr Snelling's run-down semi in Burnholme Grove, York, said they were shocked about the police activity in their street. Neighbours said he had lived in the house for more than 20 years. Terry Ellis, who has lived in Burnholme Grove since 1961, said:

"The first thing I saw this morning was when the police investigation car came up. I thought that maybe someone had broken in, because he's had someone break in before."

His neighbour, student Adam Wadsworth, 19, said: "I'm pretty shocked." Another neighbour, Rita Harrison, said the area was "lovely" and "very quiet". Everyone's shocked," she said. "But they need to get to the bottom of it."

Neighbour saw Claudia suspect 'grow up'

An elderly neighbour in North Shields has been telling reporters about Michael Snelling. Ronald Robinson is 81 and has lived in Hollywell Road for 40 years.

His job was down there (in York) but he lives up here. He would come home every Friday for the football match. He would come back every weekend to take his mother to get the shopping in. She's in a home now for dementia but he made sure he kept her at home as long as he could. I've seen him grow up as I've lived here for 40 years.

– Neighbour Ronald Robinson
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