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Region's roads labelled as "higher risk"

Two roads in West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have made it onto a list of busy higher-risk roads despite the fact that speed cameras and traffic management schemes have drastically cut serious accidents on 10 previously dangerous stretches of road.

Fatal and serious crashes on the 10 most improved routes have dipped from 541 in the period 2001-2005 to 209 in 2006-2010, according to figures from the Road Safety Foundation

Over the two survey periods, fatal and serious crashes fell from 34 to just nine. Speed enforcement with fixed and mobile cameras is in use on all but two of the 10 most improved roads.

Two roads in the region are on the higher risk roads list Credit: Press Association

Changes to the layout and traffic management at junctions are common features. Other measures include new traffic signals to control traffic flow; restricting turning movements on to roads with high traffic levels or poor visibility; widening entry and exit lanes and advanced warning signs.

The A642 from Wakefield to Huddersfield and a section of the A1101 from Outwell in Norfolk to Long Sutton in Lincolnshire have been named as high risk roads. It is because they have higher-than-average traffic flows, a high crash density and an above-average risk rating.

Britain's persistently highest-risk road is a stretch of the A537 from Macclesfield in Cheshire to Buxton in Derbyshire.