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Arts cultural divide needs addressing

Labour has today demanded Culture Secretary Maria Miller creates a survival startegy for arts and culture outside London as new figures reveal a funding crisis in our region compared to the capital.

They claim arts organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber get just over five pounds per head funding from the Arts Council compared to more than twenty one pounds in London.

And they also miss out on donations from the public, with just over three pounds per head coming here compared to almost sixty pounds in London. Dan Jarvis, the MP for Barnsley Central, and Shadow Culture Minister, says the region is getting a "raw deal" and needs more support.

Arts Council's "bias" towards London

New figures show the Arts Council spends £5.30 per head on arts organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber, compared with £21.33 per head in London.

Many arts organisations outside London rely on funding from their councils – 56% of all government funding for the arts comes from local, rather than central, government.

Local councils have been hit hard by the cuts and have had to take an additional 10% cut, on top of a 33% cut - therefore making it difficult for local government to support the arts.

MPs will challenge the Government on this today in Parliament.

Figures show arts funding crisis in Calendar region

There were fears Bradford's Media Museum might have to close die to lack of funding

MPs will demand a "survival strategy" for arts and culture in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire in Parliament today. New figures show a funding crisis in the area compared with London.

Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, will today demand Culture Secretary Maria Miller forge a ‘survival strategy’ for arts and culture outside London.

New figures show a funding crisis in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire compared with London.

Figures obtained through a written parliamentary question show that the lion’s share of money is concentrated in London. Only 2.4% of "philanthropic giving" went to Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire in 2010/2011 - 71% went to London. That is £3.06 per head compared with £59.52.

It comes after fears Bradford's media museum might have to close - fears which have since been allayed after a campaign to save it.


Preserved windmill recognised

Holgate windmill Credit: Calendar News

The preservation work carried out on Holgate windmill could be recognised with a £2000 prize. The award would go to the conservation team for the contribution they have made to the community.

They have already received a grant from Biffa, the company behind the competition, to restore the windmill. A decision will be made in September. The mill's five sails make it a nationally important heritage building.