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Charity funds special dietician for cystic fibrosis patients

A new charity funded dietician has started work with cystic fibrosis (CF) patients to tailor the food that they eat so that it matches their specific needs. Ellie Tidswell is working with patients on the CF Unit at the Northern General Hospital to help deliver the high calorie food they need whilst ensuring it meets their nutritional requirements and is as appetising as possible.

Dr Frank Edenborough, Ellie Tidswell, Marie Croft (housekeeper)

Money was raised to pay for a dietician for two years; half was contributed by a generous individual donor and the rest came from fundraising activities supported by the Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Cystic Fibrosis consultant Dr Frank Edenborough said: “CF clogs the lungs and digestive system. As the disease progresses, it takes sufferers more and more energy just to breathe. Getting enough calories as well as the right nutrition is crucial in maintaining weight and their overall health.”

CF sufferers need a diet high in fat, calories and salt, which can be a challenge when other hospital patients are being encouraged to eat the opposite of this. They often lose their appetite and interest in eating when they are unwell which raises even more of a nutritional challenge.

Ellie said: “The young people I work with are in and out of hospital all of their lives. It is vitally important they maintain a healthy weight and I hope we will be able to help patients practically achieve this and provide a role model for what they should be doing at home. It is my passion to make their meals more fun and appetising so they get greater enjoyment in reaching their target weights.”

Yorkshire 10k

Hundreds of runners from across Yorkshire are at Newby Hall, near Ripon to take part in the Yorkshire 10k.

It is open to everyone over 16 and there is also a 2 run.

Runners are raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and all money raised will go to funding medical research.


Cystic Fibrosis Trust's reaction to faulty baby tests

The CF Trust is aware that there was a small risk of an error having occurred in the testing for cystic fibrosis through the newborn screening centre at Sheffield, and we understand that this fault was found to affect a very small number of results. We welcome the decision by NHS Yorkshire and Humber to inform parents that may have been affected by this testing and advise parents that have any concerns at all about their child's health to contact their GP."

– Jo Osmond, Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

NHS statement on faulty cystic fibrosis tests

In December 2011 regular on-going quality checks identified that a new analyser, used to measure blood samples from newborn babies across South Yorkshire and the East Midlands for cystic fibrosis, recorded a very small number of inaccurate results.

“While it is not possible to retest the cystic fibrosis samples, following additional checks and regular monitoring, we are now confident that the testing was reliable so no automatic additional testing is necessary.

“While we have successfully identified and corrected the fault we are sorry for any worry this may cause.”

– Professor Paul Johnstone, Director of Public Health for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber