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Alzheimer's Factfile

As three quarters of people with Alzheimer's say they feel anxious or depressed here are some key facts about the disease.

  • Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, affecting around 465,000 people in the UK.
  • Symptoms can include loss of memory, mood changes, and problems with communication and reasoning.
  • Women are slightly more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than men.
  • It is likely that a combination of factors, including age, genetic inheritance, environmental factors, lifestyle and overall general health, are responsible for developing dementia.
  • Smokers are almost twice as likely to develop the disease as non-smokers.
  • 77% of people withdementia felt anxious or depressed.
  • Nearly 50% say they've lost friends since their diagnosis and many say they don't feel part of the community.

Should Be Ashamed

There simply is not the same provision or quality of service to replace the current centres and the council should oppose these cuts imposed on them by the Coalition Government who should be ashamed of themselves for doing this

– Sue Highton, UNISON Branch Secretary, Sheffield Community Health

No to Closures

Members of the union Unison will stage a protest in Sheffield today as councillors today meet to discuss plans to close three dementia centres in the city. Campaigners against the proposals say the Government should 'be ashamed' of forcing cuts upon the most vulnerable people.

  • The Council meeting will be held at 2pm in the Town Hall


Barnsley leads in Dementia care

A study out today reveals Barnsley primary care trust spends more on services for people with Dementia than anywhere else in the country. It spends £802 per person with the lowest spenders, Nottinghamshire, just £38.

Some trusts, inlcuding the East Riding of Yorkshire and Richmond in North Yorkshire have been criticised for not providing the necessary services.

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