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West Yorkshire woman who starved pet rabbit to death is banned from keeping pets

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A woman from West Yorkshire has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years after she starved a rabbit to death.

Charlotte Goodwin, 27, from Dewsbury was convicted in her absence of causing suffering to a protected animal at Kirklees Magistrates Court.

The mother of two also faces a separate charge of failing to ensure the welfare of the animal at Edge Lane, Dewsbury.

Credit: RSPCA

The first offence occurred around 1st November 2014 and the second occurred around 14th February 2015.

A court previously heard vet Laura Smith state, "It had died from inadequate nutrition." In an interview with RSPCA, the defendant later claimed, she didn’t know anything about the rabbit which was found in the cellar at the address.

Andrew Davidson prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA found that "the rabbit had been kept in a cage designed for the needs of a hamster not an animal as large as a rabbit."

In Goodwin’s defence Manat Ali stated, "She is a single parent who works part-time has never troubled the courts before and had an unblemished history prior to today’s sentence."

The court sentenced her to 200 hours unpaid work in addition to the 10-year ban; it will be at least five years before she can apply for the ban to be lifted.

The defendant was also told to pay £500 costs as well as a £60 surcharge, payable at £5 per week.

Police appeal over missing Dewsbury man

Police are concerned for the welfare of a 47-year-old man who has been reported missing.

Missing Ginthras Streckas Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Ginthras Streckas, who is believed to be originally from Lithuania and not speak English as his first language, was last seen at 6.30am on Monday, September 7, at Dewsbury hospital, where he was receiving treatment for a medical condition.

Mr Streckas is described as 5"10 tall, of slim build with short black greying hair, and was last seen wearing a long sleeve grey sweatshirt and dark coloured trousers.

"We are growing increasingly concerned for Mr Streckas as he has not been seen since yesterday morning.

"Ginthras was receieving treatment at the time he was reported missing and we concerned for his welfare.

"I would appeal to anyone who has seen or heard from Ginthras, or who knows where he is presently to come forward. Enquiries are ongoing."

– PC Sally Brook, Kirklees District Safeguarding Team


Sensory play centre opens in Dewsbury

A mother from Dewsbury has 'achieved her dream' and opened a walk in multi-sensory play centre for children and adults including those with disabilities.

Credit: ITV News

Linda Holmes who's adult son is disabled, set up 'Sensory World' in the town centre. Believed to be the first of its kind in the region, 1,500 people have used the centre since opening it opened in April; a third of the users are people with special needs.

My dream was to try and help other parents that are going through the same things as I have, so they can bring their children and play and anybody can use the centre.

We have adults coming here with learning difficulties and it just makes me happy everyday when I see another face coming through and another face smiling when they go out.

– Linda Holmes

Two women fight on train in West Yorkshire

Police are appealing for information after a fight took place between two females on a train travelling between Leeds and Dewsbury.

The fight also spilled onto the platform at Dewsbury station.

Officers want to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident on board the 3.41 York to Liverpool Lime Street service at around 4.30pm on Thursday, 2 July.

Two females started fighting in the vestibule area on the service. Three men attempted to split them up but the fight continued and spilled onto the platform at Dewsbury. One of the women involved had large clumps of hair pulled out of her head and sustained bruises and scratches to her arms. We are now trying to determine exactly what happened on the train and I would urge anyone who was travelling on the service, or on the platform at Dewsbury, and who witnessed the incident to please come forward and speak to us. The train was very busy at the time of the incident so we believe a number of people may have information.

– Investigating Officer PC Katie Purcel, British Transport Police


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Society 'must be vigilant' to spot radicalisation signs

British society must stay "vigilant" to spot signs of radicalisation in young people, Philip Hammond has said.

Talha Asmal, 17, reportedly became Britain's youngest suicide bomber when he blew himself up while fighting for Islamic State in Iraq.

Speaking about the teenager's death, the foreign secretary said: "Teachers, parents, social workers, people in the community all need to be vigilant and look for signs of early radicalisation."

Dewsbury MP calls for community to unite

Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff has called for the community to unite after news about the teenager suicide bomber, Talha Asmal.

Both myself and the community in Dewsbury are deeply shocked and devastated by the news of Talha Asmal. I met his family yesterday evening and they are understandably traumatised by what has happened.

What we have to do now is come together and do all we can to ensure no more impressionable young people are brainwashed by those behind Isis. These evil people use the internet and social media to target impressionable young people, painting a very different picture to the reality of what is really happening in Isis-controlled areas.

We need to ensure that we have a robust plan to work with the community; we need work with the schools, the mosques, churches, the community groups and parents to try and ensure that young people are aware of the reality of what is actually happening in Syria and Iraq.

There is so much good about Dewsbury, yet once again our town has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. I want our community to now demonstrate all that is positive about Dewsbury by remaining united, working together to come up with strategies to ensure that no other boys or girls follow this path.”

– Paula Sherriff, MP for Dewsbury
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Ex-extremist: No doubt teen suicide bomber groomed

A man once considered the "godfather" of the British jihadi movement has said there is no doubt a 17-year-old - who has apparently become Britain's youngest suicide bomber - was groomed.

Abu Muntasir, who used to recruit extremists, told Good Morning Britain that Talha Asmal had committed an "abhorrent crime" and said parents need to have more communication with their children to prevent similar tragedies.

"There is grooming, no doubt - I know how we used to convince people by ignoring a lot of facts on the ground, ignoring reality and alternative views amongst Muslims and Muslim teaching," he said.

"So the parents need to have more communication with their children, they need to have more of an overseeing aspect of how to be a good parent.

"It's totally despicable what he (Talha) has done, it is an abhorrent crime, and we should be very careful."

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