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Diana Johnson reselected to represent Hull North in 2015 general election

Diana Johnson - Hull North Labour MP

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has been reselected as the party's candidate for the 2015 general election. She was first elected for the seat in 2005 becoming the city's first female MP. She was education minister between 2009 and 10 and is currently the shadow home office minister.

"Since first being elected in 2005, Diana has worked hard for Hull North through some very challenging years for Labour and for Hull.

In the past year alone, Diana has spoken over 120 times in the House of Commons and has so far taken up the individual cases of 7,000 constituents since 2010.

We believe that Diana will help a Labour Government bring hope and fairness back to the people of Hull. Recovery will not be easy, but we have every confidence that Diana will play a leading role in helping to bring it about."

Chair of Hull North Labour Party Colin Livett


Bedroom tax protest

Hundreds of people are expected to gather in Hull City Centre today to protest over the government's so-called bedroom tax. Figures from the National Housing Federation show that 6,900 families living in the city will be hit by the new tax.

These figures include tenants of non-council social housing in Hull in addition to the 4,700 Hull Council tenants. These households would lose an average £728 per year when the Government's cuts in housing benefit start next month.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson who has recently raised the issue in the House of Commons will be joining the protest today. It is one of several happening across the country.

"As well as making some of the poorest Hull families even poorer, the shortage of smaller alternative homes means that the bedroom tax will force more families into the private sector market renting and make others homeless - all costing more. This means the bedroom tax will not achieve the Government's stated aim of saving money on benefits, nor make any real impact on reducing over-crowding."

– Diana Johnson, MP Hull North

Video: MP calls for schools to teach about drug abuse

Support is growing for an attempt by the Hull North MP Diana Johnson to make lessons about drugs, alcohol and relationships compulsory in classrooms.

If passed, the bill will lead to the issues being included in the National Curriculum. It is backed by charities and campaigns working in the fields of drugs, alchohol, domestic violence and child welfare - including the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Family Planning Association.

Lessons would inform students about the dangers of drink and drugs and help them to build their self esteem.