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Vacuum pooper scooper helps Hull's fight against grime

A portable vacuum pooper scooper is the new weapon of choice in a war against dog dirt on a Hull housing estate. The device has been launched by the Riverside organisation as part of a new campaign which hopes to highlight the dangers of dog fouling.

Riverside's scheme comes after a survey found pavement mess to be the most important issue for residents on the North Bransholme estate in Hull. Environment officers from North Bransholme Sports Forum will take to the streets with the scooper, and will then spray the pavement with disinfectant.

The team, who provide environmental services for Riverside, will use stencils and chalk spray to mark the area in which the mess was found. The council's enforcement team will be informed of the location of the dirt so they can pinpoint hotspots and find the culprits.


Video: Dog sniffs out his owner's breast cancer

A woman has described her pet dog as her guardian angel after she sniffed out a cancer tumour growing in her breast. Sharon Rawlinson from Newark only went to see her GP after her Cavalier King Charles spaniel refused to stop pawing at her.

Now the 43 year old is in the middle of her treatment and is thanking the animal for potentially saving her life. James Webster's been to meet them:

Breast care charity urges more women to check their breasts regularly

A charity that works with women who have breast cancer says it is important women regularly check themselves for signs of anything unusual.

This is an incredible story. We occasionally hear of other breast cancer patients having had a similar experience but this is extremely rare. As Sharon says, the most important thing is for anyone experiencing an unusual change to see a doctor as soon as possible. Knowing what is normal for you and checking your breasts on a regular basis is the most important way any woman can help protect herself.

– Breast Cancer Care spokesperson

Owner: Penny was the dog I should never have had but now she has saved my life

Sharon Rawlinson says that her beloved Cavalier King Charles' spaniel Penny was the dog she should never have had. Her husband Brian originally said she couldn't have another dog, but then bought Penny as a Christmas surprise.

Sharon says that dogs are often described as man's best friend but in this case, after sniffing out her cancer, Penny is definitely a girl's best friend instead.


Video: Cancer patient thanks pet dog for sniffing our disease

A woman from Newark has described her pet dog as a guardian angel after it sniffed out a cancerous lump in her breast. Sharon Rawlinson's spaniel began pawing at her last November, so much that the 43 year old couldn't ignore it and went to her GP.

The doctor told her she had an aggressive tumour which would need chemotherapy and an operation. She's now waiting for the results of her first round of treatment.

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