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Dogs Trust prepares for influx of abandoned Christmas pets

Dogs Trust Leeds has today asked people to remember their famous slogan as they prepare for an influx of abandoned dogs over the festive season.

Dogs Trust leeds is hoping to give its canine residents their best Christmas yet Credit: Dogs Trust Leeds

As Dogs Trust Leeds gets ready to give its homeless hounds the best Christmas possible, they are asking people to remember that ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ as every year the charity sadly sees unwanted dogs abandoned at its doors.

As well as providing round-the-clock care for new arrivals, the team at the York Road centre will be spending their Christmas Day looking after 90 homeless hounds already at the centre, ensuring they can enjoy the Christmas festivities as much as everybody else.

“Although it is Christmas Day our dogs still need feeding, walking and cuddling, and the kennels need cleaning! We make it as fun as possible, and we do our best to spoil the dogs as it is their Christmas too.

"So from playing carols to decorating the kennels, we try to give everyone, two and four-legged, a jolly good time!

“We are really grateful to supporters up and down the country who send in presents for the dogs, which they are given just before a special Christmas supper. "We wouldn’t be able to do this without them, and our incredibly dedicated team of staff and volunteers who give up their Christmas Day in order to make it special for our residents.”

– Emma Cooper, Dogs Trust Leeds

If you are interested in rehoming a dog you can visit Dogs Trust Leeds onYork Road, LS15 4NL. It is open 12pm-4pm Friday-Monday, 12pm-7.30pm Tuesday and Thursday, closed Wednesdays.

It will also be closed on Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. You can also call Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292 or find out more about the dogs looking for their forever homes by visiting


Arrival of abandoned dogs take Dog's Trust to full capacity

Jingle and Bell

The Dog's Trust in Leeds never puts a healthy dog down. But they take dogs from the pound - where the animals are given seven days to find a rescue space.

With the recent arrival of Jingle and Bell, who were found abandoned in a quarry, the trust is full. That means they can't take dogs from the pound until someone rehomes one of their dogs.

The centre has seen 18 per cent fewer dogs rehomed this year and managers are appealing for suitable new owners to come forward.


Dogs need homes

We have been speaking to Matt Howden from the Dogs Trust in Leeds as they say around a hundred dogs need homes. Many are at the shelter for genuine reasons, including deaths in the family and financial difficulties. Since Christmas 20 dogs have arrived at the centre.

Charity looks after extra dogs after Christmas

Dogs Trust say they are busy over the festive period Credit: Calendar

The shelter in Leeds of charity Dogs Trust says they are full with dogs to look after following the festive period. They say most families look to take on a new pet in the New Year, so it means they have struggled to cope with the number of animals to look after recently.

The dogs all need housing Credit: Calendar

Finding a new home for four-year-old Jamie

Four-year-old Jamie was found half-starved Credit: Dogs Trust

The Dog Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Leeds is on the lookout for a new home for Jamie, a 4-year-old Staffie found in a half-starved state on the side of one of Leeds’ busiest roads.

When Jamie was found he was so weak he could not stand, he was extremely malnourished and dehydrated and his eyes were so badly infected he could not open them. He weighed 6.5 kg which, compared with Staffie’s that usually weigh between 13-20 kg at that age, was shockingly underweight.

His spine was also very arched but with the help of Dogs Trust Leeds, it is starting to straighten and he is well on his way to recovery and almost back to full health. If you can help, head to the Dogs Trust website.