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Lincoln University study dogs left at home alone

Research into how dogs behave when they're left alone Credit: PA

Academics at the University of Lincoln have teamed up with a university in Slovakia to study how dogs behave in the owner's absence.

Dog owners are being asked to complete a detailed survey to help researchers analyse the various clinical signs and situations in which problems can occur.

Destructiveness, vocalisation such as barking and whining, and house soiling are among the most common complaints of dog owners.

It has also been established that dogs showing these problems are at a higher risk of a range of other complications.

The researchers hope to apply the findings from the survey to aid the development of more specific treatments and prevention programmes.

Dog goes missing on trip to vets

Marley the

The owner of a dog who went missing while being transported by ambulance to a vet in Keighley is offering a reward for his return.

Marley, a brindle-coloured Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, was last seen on Whinswood Recreation Ground on Wednesday.

He is described as timid but friendly with people and dogs.

His owner Stephen Cowens is offering £250 for anyone who finds him. Contact 01274 827921, or 07729 444529 if you see Marley.


In pictures: car crash dog rescued from quarry

Ruby was spotted here yesterday

After Ruby the Cocker Spaniel fled the scene of a car crash in West Yorkshire, her owners thought they might never see her again.

But after an eagle-eyed dog walker spotted her 30ft up a quarry yesterday, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue launched a rescue mission...

Firecrews put Ruby in the bag - and lift her down

Half an hour later Ruby was reunited with a delighted Rebecca Hall and her partner Scott.

Ruby is reunited with her delighted owners

Car crash dog reunited with owners

Ruby the Cocker Spaniel

A couple are celebrating after their dog - who fled a car crash in West Yorkshire - was safely returned to them.

Ruby, a nine-month-old Cocker Spaniel, escaped through Rebecca Hall's smashed car door window after her Ford Fiesta flipped over in Denholme on Sunday.

But after a dog walker spotted Ruby 30 metres up the side of a quarry on a small ledge.

After a 25-minute rescue operation by fire crews, Ruby was finally reunited with her delighted owners yesterday.

Appeal to find dog who fled car crash in West Yorkshire

Ruby, who went missing in Denholme on Sunday

A couple whose dog fled the scene of a car crash are appealing for anyone who has seen her to come forward.

Rebecca Hall and her partner were involved in a collision in Denholme, West Yorkshire, at around 4pm on Sunday evening. The car flipped onto its roof and the windows smashed. Their dog, Ruby, climbed out of the window and ran away.

Anyone with information should contact 07846 920042.


  1. Tyne Tees

Arrests as York heroin supply investigation continues

North Yorkshire Police have arrested five people from South Yorkshire on suspicion of possessing heroin with intent to supply after stopping a vehicle in York.

A car was pulled over by officers on September 16 when officers noticed the windscreen was cracked. Police could smell what they believed to be cannabis so they searched the car. Uncut heroin was discovered.

Two men aged 23 and 26, and a 22-year-old woman, from Sheffield, were arrested and released on bail.

A 28-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman, both from York, were arrested on September 17 in connection with the investigation. They have also been released on bail.

Rescue charities: dog rehoming situation becoming 'critical'

New figures show the number of people wanting to adopt dogs in our region has dropped by 6% since last year.

Animal charities say the situation is becoming critical in many kennels with problems re-homing dogs and more animals coming in. Difficulties rehoming older animals and breeds with a bad reputation are making the situation worse.

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