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Fire service rescues trapped pooch

Lily ran head first into the gate and got stuck

A Pekingese pooch got into quite a pickle this afternoon after becoming trapped in a garden gate. Owner, Pat Cole, dialled 999 as a last resort after eight-year-old Lily ran head first into the gate and became tightly lodged. Technical rescue officer Ian Stead was quickly on the scene and used a tried and tested technique to tilt Lily by 90 degrees and dislodge her. Fortunately Lily was not hurt by her ordeal and is back home safe and sound.

Lily is safe and sound after her ordeal


Parents urged to be 'dog aware'

Parents in the Calendar region are being urged to educate their children on how to behave safely around dogs. New research by the Dog's Trust charity reveals 39% of parents in Yorkshire and the Humber say their child comes into contact with a dog on a daily basis, while over a third say they would allow their child to approach a dog they don't know. Over a thousand children were taken to hospital in the UK with dog bites between 2013-2014. As part of the trust's Be Dog Smart' campaign, parents are being encouraged to recognise the signs when a dog may be agitated. David Wood reports.

Improvements made in sniffer dog training

Scientists at the University of Lincoln are trying to improve the way sniffer dogs are trained and understand more about the way they think.

Instead of teaching them to identify specific scents, like TNT or Semtex, they're being taught groups of odours in the hope that the dogs might start to recognise the similarities.

It is hoped training them in this way will make them more effective at recognising improvised explosive devices:

South Yorkshire rescue centre caring for burnt dog

An animal rescue centre in South Yorkshire is caring for a dog which is thought to have had boiling water or chemicals poured onto its back and before being thrown into a canal.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Colin by those who found him, suffered horrendous burns and those caring for him fear it may have been done on purpose.

James Webster reports:


Bradford man recovering after dog attack

A man from Bradford says he might not be able to work again after being attacked by a dog.

Jamie recovering with his son

Jamie Farrell was collecting tools from his van when he was mauled by a Japanese Akita which was being walked by a child.

His injuries were so severe that he thinks he might not be able to return to work as a self-employed joiner.

Jamie's bone was visible after being bitten

Because the attack happened on private land, no one has been arrested.

Dog stolen with car found

Quinn the cocker spaniel

A dog which was in a car in North Yorkshire when it was stolen has been found.

Quinn the cocker spaniel and the stolen Ford Mondeo were found in Ripon. The pet has been taken to a local vet's surgery for a check up.

A police uniform and identification which were in the car have also been located.

Alfie the police dog recovering after tail operation

One of West Yorkshire Police's dogs is recovering after an operation to remove his tail.

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