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The Tomlinson Ryan Trust objectives:

The Tomlinson Ryan Trust's objectives for the club include:

  • Achieving Premier League status "by careful promotion, support, finance, and investment via its holding company"
  • Building a "high quality" playing squad
  • Expanding the club's supporter base in the UK and internationally
  • Growing the Doncaster Rovers brand
  • Embracing and supporting youth development

In return for pledges of cash, those who give to the crowdfunding campaign will be offered rewards including a place on a new "Club 28" which gives them the chance to have a say in the future of the club.

Other incentives include a range of Club 28 merchandise.

Crowdfunding rules mean money will be returned to donors if the £2 million target is not reached, while rewards are only released if the goal is achieved.

Many of One Direction's teenage fans will not be able to offer their support - donations are only accepted from people who are aged over 18.



Details expected about Doncaster takeover

Louis Tomlinson Credit: Press Association

More details are expected to be released at a news conference in London today about the deal that will give One Direction star Louis Tomlinson a 50 per cent stake in Doncaster Rovers. His co-owner John Ryan is sure Louis will make a major contribution.

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