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Inspectors slam South Yorks prison

Privately-run Doncaster Prison has been criticised for locking up inmates in cells without electricity or running water.

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Snake bites in the UK: the facts

The statistics:

  • The last death in the UK was in 1975 when a five-year-old boy was bitten on the ankle in Scotland.
  • Research conducted after this showed there had been 14 deaths from adder bites in the previous 100 years.
  • One death between 1950 and 1972 in England and Wales but 61 deaths from bee or wasp stings.
  • About 100 adder bites are now reported in the UK each year, with most between February and October.
Adders are about 30 inches long Credit: Press Association

Medical information:

  • According to NHS advice, adder bite symptoms include swelling, vomiting, nausea and dizziness.
  • In most cases, the only treatment required is observation in hospital.
  • More severe bites are treated with anti-venom medication.
  • Children bitten by an adder will usually make a full recovery in about one to three weeks
  • Adults usually require more than three weeks to recover fully.


Doncaster man in hospital after snake bites in forest

A man from Doncaster is still seriously ill in hospital after being bitten three times by a snake.

Man taken to hospital by air ambulance
Man was taken to hospital by air ambulance Credit: Great North Air Ambulance Service

The 44-year-old was visiting Dalby Forest near Scarborough when he was bitten by an adder.

He was given treatment by an off-duty paramedic, and then by rapid response doctors, before being taken to hospital by Air Ambulance.

The man's in a serious but stable condition in the James Cook Hospital in Middlesborough.

Rovers complete double signing


#DRFC have snapped up Aston Villa goalkeeper Jed Steer on a three month loan. Details on soon.



Unique scheme to look after Doncaster's vulnerable

With cuts taking a heavy toll of public services in our region a call is going out for people to help care for some of the most vulnerable in society.

The plea is being made by the charity Shared Lives, which has a unique way of looking after those in need.

Instead of staying in council-run care homes, they ask families to house them.

The scheme has been a success nationally and is now launching in Doncaster. Rachel Townsend has met a South Yorkshire couple who've been caring for one man for over 30 years.

The Avalon Group are taking charge of the Shared Lives scheme in Doncaster. More details can be obtained by logging onto their website:

Police due to name body in lake

South Yorkshire Police are expected today to officialy name the man whose body was recovered from a quarry in South Yorkshire yesterday afternoon. Divers recovered the body from Clay Lake in Doncaster after a 27-year-old man went missing while swimming on Monday night.

Clay Lake where police divers recovered the body of a mising swimmer
Clay Lake where police divers recovered the body of a mising swimmer Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Former rock star Watkins appeals against child sex abuse sentence

Former Lostprophets singer and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins will appeal against his 35 year jail sentence later today. A mother from Doncaster who was jailed for allowing Watkins to abuse her child is also appealing against her sentence. The joint hearing will be at Cardiff Crown Court.

Former Lostprohets singer Ian Watkins will appeal against his 35-year jail sentence for child sex abuse
Former Lostprohets singer Ian Watkins will appeal against his 35-year jail sentence for child sex abuse Credit: Press Association
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