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Campaigners say red tape is holding up flood defence scheme

There are calls on the government to make it quicker for flood defence schemes to be given the go-ahead.

A tidal barrier in Boston, which experts say would have prevented Thursday night's flooding isn't due to be built until at least 2019. Campaigners say the Haven Barrage has been in the planning for at least ten years and that approval for it has taken too long because of red tape

Government minister visits flood-hit Boston

Michael Billington reports on the aftermath of Thursday's floods in Boston in Lincolnshire where the Environment Secretary has been visiting the worst affectged communities along the East Coast. The cleanup is continuing in Boston, where hundreds of homes were under water.

He talks to shop owner Linda King, Owen Paterson the Environment Secretary, Mark Simmonds MP Con for Boston and Skegness and Kirsty Ellis, a flood victim.

'Behind-the-scenes work' saved thousands of properties from flooding, says Environment Secretary

The mayor of Whitby is calling for more sea defences in the town following this week's floods.

Homes and businesses around Whitby harbour were flooded when a tidal surge forced water into nearby streets. Some residents won't be back in their homes for months. Lisa Walton reports.

'Exceptional' amounts of money for flood defences

We are putting exceptional amounts of money into flood defences and we are confident that at the end of this government we will have protected a significant number of properties, but when you see the damage done, you'll see that that money is really well worth spending. It's not just the personal tragedy, but the serious disruption to people's lives and businesses. "

– Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has been visiting flood-hit communities along the East Coast.


Flood-hit communities warned of rats threat

Standing water in Hull left behind by the floods Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Communities affected by the most serious tidal surge in 60 years along the east coast of Britain have been warned to avoid direct contact with floodwater and beware of rats moving into homes.

A major clean-up operation is underway after the Environment Agency (EA) said 1,400 homes were flooded, included 300 in Boston and Lincolnshire alone.

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