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White goods amongst most fly-tipped items

Electrical white goods amongst most fly-tipped items Credit: Armin Weigel/DPA/Press Association Images

White goods like washing machines and freezers are amongst the most likely items to be dumped in parts of Lincolnshire.

East Lindsey District Council have issued a list of the most frequently fly-tipped items as part of its Responsible People anti-littering campaign. Electrical goods top the list, with furniture and children's toys next, closely followed by tyres and builders' rubble.

"Through our Responsible People Campaign we aim to highlight the extent of fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling in East Lindsey in an attempt to make litter-louts think again about their irresponsible behaviour and how it impacts on the lives of their neighbours and their family and friends.

People may think that these offences do not affect anyone but they do. Every Council Tax payer in East Lindsey has to pay towards the clean up process, the offences are also a blight on the landscape of those who live nearby, and dog fouling has well-documented health risks to people - especially children. Our message is clear - littering is unacceptable."

– Councillor Steve O'Dare, East Lindsey District Council

For information on the Council's bulky waste and electrical item collection service visit

2% East Lindsay Council tax rise approved

East Lindsey District Council has announced plans to increase its part of the council tax by two per cent.

At today's Executive Board meeting, councillors approved the draft budget for the 2014-15 financial year.

The move comes as the latest government finance settlement figures show the council is facing a £1.9million (13.9 per cent) reduction in its primary funding in the next financial year.

This is on top of the £1.2million of savings it has had to make in the current financial year.


Recycling collections due to end for winter

East Lindsey District Council’s recycling collection will finish for the winter during the two week period following November 11 – depending on your collection day.

From March 31, 2014, the Council will be launching fortnightly Green Waste Collection for £25 per year for 25 collections over 50 weeks. Details on how to sign up for the service will be released in the New Year.

During the winter months Green Waste can be taken to one of the County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres. To check your current household waste and recycling calendar, visit

East Lindsey lifeguard services secured for three years

East Lindsey District Council has approved £173,000 to secure lifeguard services in Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea for the next three years.

“The RNLI has provided a high quality and respected beach lifeguard service in East Lindsey for a number of years now and I’m pleased we’re able to extend that agreement. Not only do the lifeguards provide a visible reassuring presence to beach users, they also offer advice on water safety and the need to respect the sea.”

– Councillor Adam Grist, Portfolio Holder covering Beach Safety and tourism

East Lindsey to charge £25 for your garden waste

Green bins Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Councillors are meeting on Wednesday, July 17, to consider replacing the free seasonal green bin service from March 2014. Instead, they would charge £25 a year for the service, the equivalent of £1 per collection. A similar scheme has already been brought in in Lincoln.

The council has to save £2m from its budget and they think charging for green bin collections could save them £800,000.


East Lindsey residents asked for views on green waste collection

Alternative options are being put to the community in a consultation exercise that remains open until April 30, 2013.

In 2014/15, the Council needs to save a further £2m in running costs to be able to set a balanced budget, as is legally required.

The consultation can be completed here.

“We’re keen to understand the views of local people in relation to the Green Waste service as part of this consultation and we’d like as many people as possible to respond. The alternative options provide the opportunity for the community to take a view on the service and to inform the thinking of Councillors.”

– Leader of the Council, Councillor Doreen Stephenson

Council warns residents to keep their sandbags

People living in one of the parts of Lincolnshire that was worst affected by flooding earlier this month are being warned to hang on to their sandbags, despite the recent change in the weather.

Hundreds of sandbags were handed to residents in East Lindsey to protect their homes and businesses from surface water flooding. The district council says those who were affected should retain the bags and ensure they have a plan in place for what practical steps they can take in any future flood.

We need local people to be well prepared for flooding. Whilst in an emergency we will do all we can to help, our number one priority is always to help the most vulnerable members of the community who can't help themselves. We'd urge the community to keep sandbags unless they believe they have been contaminated with sewerage, in which case they should be disposed of.

– Emergency Planning Officer, Mike Harrison

Special constables

People in Lincolnshire who are interested in Police work are being asked to find out more about becoming a Special Constable. The Lincolnshire Police Special Constabulary is recruiting in the East Lindsey area.

They are part of the local policing team, working alongside the regular force. If you are interested a Recruiting Seminar is being held at 10am at Louth Police Station.

As a Special Constable, there is a chance to meet people from a variety of backgrounds in an even wider range of situations. Officers learn much about human nature, teamwork, and increase their ability to cope with the unexpected.

– Specials Superintendent Steve Woodcock, Head of the Special Constabulary

Dog micro-chipping

There is an eleven year high in the amount of stray dogs. Throughout May and June East Lindsey Council are offering micro-chipping sessions to dog owners. It costs £10 and the chip, which is the size of a grain of rice, contains the owner's contact details and is put in the dog's shoulder blade.

  • Tuesday May 8 between 10am and 2pm at Tesco Car Park, Horncastle
  • Friday May 11 between 10am and 12noon at Silver Street Car Park, Coningsby
  • Friday May 11 between 1pm and 3pm at Tattershall Market Place
  • Thursday May 17 between 11am and 1pm at Winthorpe Avenue Car Park, Winthorpe
  • Thursday 17 May between 2pm and 3pm at Hogsthorpe Village Hall
  • Wednesday, May 23 between 11am and 2pm at The Co-op, Northgate, Louth
  • Wednesday May 30 between 12.30pm and 2.30pm at The White Horse, Louth
  • Friday June 8 between 10.30am and 1pm at The Meridian Centre, Louth
  • Wednesday June 13 between 10am and 12noon at Ingoldmells Police Station
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