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Police force to make £31m cuts

There will be a reduction in numbers of uniformed officers Credit: Press Association

Humberside Police's Chief Constable is set to outline how the force is going to save £31 million pounds over the next five years.

Some of the changes to how the force will work include cutting the number of uniformed officers and sharing departments, such as Human Resources, with South Yorkshire Police.

Trains affected by East Midlands staff strike

Several services run by East Midlands Trains will be affected by afour day strike by staff at depots including Leeds.

The company have listed some of the changed services affecting the Calendar region:

The following trains will not run;

  • 0634 Leeds - London St Pancras.
  • 1815 London St Pancras - Leeds.

The following trains will be altered;

  • 0525 Leeds - London St Pancras will start from Sheffield.
  • 1932 London St Pancras - Leeds will terminate at Sheffield.
  • 1955 London St Pancras - Leeds will terminate at Sheffield.

Several services will be replaced by busses:

  • Nottingham - Mansfield / Worksop.
  • Doncaster - Lincoln.
  • Nottingham - Newark
  • Derby - Matlock
  • Leicester - Lincoln

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Inactive lifestyles cut lives short says new report

People's jobs can affect level of activity

Inactive lifestyles cause 37 000 premature deaths a year, and costs society more than 8 billion pounds, according to a new report.

The figures published by UK Active showed 30% of people in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire don't do enough physical activity - that's 1% more than the national average.

Hull was named the fifth most inactive place in the country.

The Chief Medical Officer defines physical inactivity as participation in less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.

The report found "Incontrovertible evidence that inactivity significantly heightens the risk of developing chronic illnesses."

It also found there is a disproportionately low spend on programmes to tackle physical inactivity by local authorities, but that Yorkshire and the Humber spends much more on this than the national average.

But the East Midlands has one of the lowest proportional public health spends on physical inactivity (1.8 per cent) compared to the national average (2.4 per cent). The region is just below average in terms of inactivity.

Long-serving Lib Dem: "Clegg did the right thing"

Downbeat Liberal Democrat Bill Newton Dunn, the UK's longest serving MEP, said he was 'very disappointed' after the party lost its seat in the East Midlands.

But despite criticism of the Lib Dem leadership, he defended Nick Clegg's approach to the election:

The fantasies that Ukip put about are completely misleading. Nick had the courage to say 'Let's take on Farage and tell the truth' and I give him full credit for that. He did the right thing.

– Bill Newton Dunn, Liberal Democrat

Ukip and the Conservatives each took two of the five seats in the East Midlands, with Labour securing one.

Ukip candidates Roger Helmer and Margot Parker were elected along with Tories Emma McClarkin and Andrew Iain Lewer and Labour's Glenis Willmott.

I'm feeling fairly euphoric, I think it's fair to say. We'd hoped to win, we'd planned to win but we hadn't anticipated that we might win by such a margin.

– Roger Helmer MEP, Ukip


Ambulance service criticised for emergency response times

Inspectors have criticised East Midlands Ambulance Service for failing to respond to emergency calls on time. It follows an unannounced visit earlier this year by the Care Quality Commission.

The report, which was published today, also said there was a lack of ambulances and not enough paramedics. But the ambulance service says improvements have already been made. Victoria Davies reports.

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