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Murdered MP's husband pays tribute to murdered policeman

Jo Cox's husband Brendan has taken to social media to say the name he will remember after the terror attack on Westminster is that of the murdered policeman.

Jo Cox was killed by a right-wing extremist in June last year in her Batley and Spen constituency.

Brendan Cox's tweet about the terror attack Credit: @MrBrendanCox


Eyewitness releases footage as he recounts seeing 'stampede' of people before attacker 'lunged' at policeman

A journalist who claims to have seen someone attack a policeman during the Westminster terror attack has spoken about what he saw.

Patrick Daly, who works in Westminster from newspapers including the Hull Daily Mail, also recorded a short video in the moments after a man '"lunged" at a policeman.

Parliament to resume as normal tomorrow in wake of Westminster terror attack that left four dead

Both the House of Commons and Lords will sit at their usual times the day after the assault at the Palace of Westminster, parliamentary authorities have announced.

Proceedings in the Commons were suspended on Wednesday afternoon as the drama unfolded outside and the House of Lords - which had been due to convene around 15 minutes later - did not sit at all.

An immediate return to normal sitting hours is likely to be seen as a sign of determination that the United Kingdom's democratic processes will not be disrupted by what is believed to be a terrorist attack.

The Commons will sit at 9.30am for questions to International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and a statement from Leader of the House David Lidington, before debates on compensation for Equitable Life policy-holders, social mobility and an incinerator in a Hertfordshire village.

The Lords will convene at 11am for oral questions on nursery care, support for young carers, premium bonds and famine in Africa before debate on homelessness, science and Brexit.

It is not yet known whether any special steps will be taken in the chamber to mark the horrific incidents of Wednesday or to honour the innocent people who died.

Tours, educational visits and banqueting in Parliament on Thursday will be cancelled however.

Access to the public gallery will be maintained.

We can confirm that both the House of Commons and the House of Lords will sit tomorrow at their normal times.

– Parliamentary spokesman

Yorkshire MP issues thanks to security staff after Westminster terror attack

The MP for Kingston Upon Hull North has issued a thankful message to security staff in Westminster following today's terrorist attack.


Democracy 'will not be thwarted' by terrorists, warns Lincolnshire MP

Martin Vickers, the Conservative MP for Cleethorpes.

An MP who fled from gunshots during the attack at Westminster has vowed the "democratic process will not be thwarted" by terrorism.

Martin Vickers, the Conservative MP for Cleethorpes, was walking through corridors towards Parliament with colleagues when they heard shots ring out.

He described how they were evacuated from the building by security officers who ordered them out.

We were walking through the corridors, the cloisters, as we know it, in the old part of the palace having come through the tunnel from our office on this side (Whitehall) of the main road.

We were heading towards the voting lobbies and what we now know was, I think it was, three shots rang out.

I was sort of 50 or 60 yards behind my colleagues who were heading in the same direction.

We heard what we now know were shots and colleagues in front of us turned and ran, presumably on the advice of the security services.

We were told to get out of the building...

Obviously it is a sad occasion, particularly for the casualties and their families.

The important thing is that the democratic process will not be thwarted by a terrorist act, if that is what it indeed is.

We will of course carry on.

– Martin Vickers, the Conservative MP for Cleethorpes

Pupils from two Yorkshire primary schools were visiting Parliament when firearms incident took place

Children from two Yorkshire primary schools were visiting Westminster and Parliament today, Government has confirmed.

The pupils from Herringthorpe Junior School, in Rotherham, and Luddendenfoot Academy, in Halifax, were among 13 groups of school children touring the buildings when the firearms incident took place.

It's been confirmed this afternoon that all the Yorkshire school children who visited are safe.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust in 'special measures' over £30m budget deficit

Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby Credit: ITV News Calendar

The NHS Trust which runs hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole has been placed in financial special measures after forecasting a £30m deficit during the current financial year.

The Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust will now see a Financial Improvement Director appointed by NHS Improvement who will have the job of overseeing a robust new financial plan.

The Trust is only the third in the country to be placed in financial special measures.

“Despite our best efforts to reduce our deficit our financial position has continued to deteriorate over the year and has recently worsened due to the significant pressures on our services.

An increase in non-elective patient activity (i.e A&E attendances) in quarter four and a high medical vacancy rate has led to increased expenditure on nurse staffing and locum doctors. These pressures on our services has also seen a drop in our planned activity (operations and procedures) and therefore our income.

While our cost improvement programme has delivered savings of £12.4m to date and is expected to deliver £13.7m by the end of this financial year, our current forecasted deficit for the end of the financial year is £30million (against a planned deficit of £12.2 million)."

– Richard Sunley, Interim Chief Executive, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust says it welcomes the additional support which it will now receive and it will continue to work with partners around the Humber to deliver local health services.

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Reporter: 'The alleged attacker crumpled' after being shot

A Bristol Post reporter has told ITV News how he saw the man run into the square and attack a policeman.

Patrick Daly said: "I saw someone quite aggressively approach a police officer at the car gate of Parliament, and I didn't know if he was seeking refuge, but then it became very clear it was violent, the police officer was pushed down onto the floor.

"There were stab-like motions coming from the man. I personally did not see the knife.

"There were shouts from armed police as they ran to the policeman's aid. A policeman in black fired off three shots, which caused the alleged attacker to have crumpled."

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