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Wind farm projects scrapped after developers withdraw plans

Two wind farm projects in our region have been scrapped, after developers have withdrawn their planning applications.

Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The company behind the the Croft Wind Turbine project say they no longer want to go ahead due to recent government announcements.

A similar proposal to build the High Wood wind farm near Driffield has also been withdrawn. The news comes after the company behind the Nocton Fen project said last week that it no longer wants to go ahead.


Pressure group calls for action to save rural banks

A pressure group is calling for more to be done to prevent the closure of rural banks. The most recent figures show that banks are closing across the country at a rate of three a week - as more and more of us use the Internet to manage our finances.

The Campaign for Community Banking say with every branch closure - local businesses suffer, and people face longer journeys to pay in money. From East Yorkshire, Matt Price sent this report.


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