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Humberside removed from Royal Mail database

Campaigners are celebrating after a long-running battle with Royal Mail to have 'Humberside' removed from use. The ceremonial county ceased to exist in 1996, but letters have continued to be postmarked with the term. 'Humberside' has been removed from Royal Mail's address database.

Royal Mail has removed Humberside from its database Credit: Press Association

Royal Mail can confirm that the technical change required to suppress the automatic reference to North and South Humberside as a Former Postal County on PAF products supplied to customers was implemented from July as part of a pilot scheme.

This now means that no Former Postal County details will be shown for all Postcodes previously tagged with a Humberside reference.

The actual change may take a little time to filter down through address lists as its implementation is dependent upon how frequently customers and businesses update their own data.

There may still be some instances where addresses may have North or South Humberside appearing due to organisations either not updating their databases or preferring to continue to use the locality which is beyond our control.

– Royal Mail spokesperson


Concessionary Bridge tolls start for cancer patients

Cancer patients from North and North East Lincolshire who are beginning treatment at Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham will start to benefit from concessionary bridge tolls today.

Concessionary tolls start for cancer patients crossing the Humber Bridge Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Last month, the Humber Bridge Board announced that it would be using the discretion afforded by the new Humber Bridge Act to enable certain patients receiving cancer treatment to cross toll-free for a trial six-month period.

Now the first patients to benefit from the concessions will be able to travel across the Humber Bridge for treatment without having to worry about the cost of their crossings.

An estimated 60 cancer patients per month will benefit from toll-free crossings, with tickets administered through Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

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