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Doncaster mayoral elections

It's been described as a poisoned chalice - one of the toughest jobs in politics. But on Thursday, ten candidates will compete to become the mayor of Doncaster.

The Council has been heavily criticised in the past with central government even stepping in to control children's services.

But all of the candidates are promising a break with the past, as our Political Correspondent Paul Brand found out at Doncaster Racecourse, where one candidate will be crowned winner.

PCC Election: final to day to register or postal vote

The deadline for residents wanting to register to vote in the upcoming Police Crime Commissioner election is today, Wednesday 31st October, at 5pm.

Today is also the final day for people to send off postal votes too.

The PCC Elections are an opportunity for residents to vote for someone who will ultimately be responsible for issues such as how the policing budget is spent, as well as working with the public and victims of crime on community safety.

– Jo Miller, Doncaster's PCC local Returning Officer

"Not only is it vital to be registered by October 31 to ensure you can vote in this election, it is also really important to be on the electoral register. For example, many organisations such as banks and building societies use it to cross-check the addresses of people applying to them.”

– Susanna Benton, Leeds City Council’s electoral services manager
  • The role of the PCC is to set the policing priorities in line with national and local priorities.
  • All eligible voters will receive a poll card, which will include the address of the polling station.
  • The deadline for residents who wish to register to vote is Wed 31 October at 5pm.
  • The deadline for residents who wish to vote by post is also on Wednesday 31 October at 5pm.
  • Residents who are unable to go to a Polling Station on Election Day are also able to register to vote by proxy (where someone can vote on your behalf). This deadline is at 5pm on Wed 7 November.


Nominees for South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner role

The final list of people nominated for the elected role of the South Yorkshire Police area Crime Commissioner - has been released.

  • David Allen - English Democrats
  • Jonathan William Arnott - UKIP
  • Nigel Stuart Bonson - Conservative Party
  • Robert Teal - Liberal Democrat
  • Shaun Wright - Labour

Barnsley Council has released a document showing full details and their electoral areas.

Reminder to register to vote

People living in Leeds are being reminded to respond to their register of electors form

The deadline to respond is Friday 17 August.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that people's names are on the electoral register in time to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.

The canvass is happening earlier this year due to the elections on 15 November. Households are encouraged to respond quickly so they don’t lose their right to vote.We have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to respond to us by making use of modern communication methods. It helps us tremendously in cutting down on costs if people can respond via text or online if their details are unchanged and makes the process quicker and easier for everyone.

– Susanna Benton, electoral services manager, Leeds City Council

Ballot forms delay

Voters in Leeds are still waiting for postal ballot forms for this week’s elections to be delivered.

Leeds City Council is now urging those who haven't yet received their's to contact them. Local election polls are held this Thursday - along with the mayoral referendum.

Up to 2,167 forms in a final batch due to be delivered by printers to Royal Mail for first class despatch on April 23 have not yet been received.

'Waste Of Public Money'

Councillors in Leeds have issued a joint statement criticising the Government for approving plans to distribute 'deeply unsatisfactory' leaflets to more than 400,000 homes across the city. The document details the forthcoming Mayoral election.

Leeds is being forced to print avery confusing question on its ballot papers in May, which the Council may yetseek to challenge. The leading nature of that question will only be compoundedby the selective information contained within this centrally approved andcentrally funded leaflet.**


– Joint statement from Cllrs Keith Wakefield, Andrew Carter, and Stewart Golton.

Councillors say voters could be given unbalanced information that could impact on the decision they are being asked to make in May about how their city will be run.

The Council will dispatch the Government approved leaflet this week.

The Government may be footing the bill for this leaflet instead of the Council but it remains a poor use of £150k of public money.

– Joint statement from Cllrs Keith Wakefield, Andrew Carter, and Stewart Golton.
  • Cllr Keith Wakefield, Leader, Labour group
  • Andrew Carter, Leader, Conservative Group
  • Stewart Golton, Leader, Liberal Democrat Group