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Photos show mock train crash exercise in action

Train carriages lay on their side Credit: ITV Calendar

A mock train crash simulation is underway in Lincolnshire to test how emergency crews would deal with such a disaster. The scenario being reconstructed is a crash between a train and a tractor at a level crossing. Several carriages end up on their side trapping people in the wreckage.

Several carriages derailed Credit: ITV Calendar

Emergency crews are working to reach actors, some of them amptuees, who have been placed in the wreckage to act as victims.

Emergency crews plan their response Credit: ITV Calendar
The tractor at the level crossing where the mock crash happened Credit: ITV Calendar

Mock train crash operation in Lincolnshire

There are warnings that drivers in Lincolnshire are 'likely to see an increase in volume of emergency vehicles but there is no cause for alarm'. Emergency services will spend two days training using a mock train crash at Waddington near Lincoln.

The exercise is a full-scale simulated train crash involving hundreds of professionals and they will be joined by up to 80 volunteers at the 'survivor reception centre' between Newark and Grantham.

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