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Behind the scenes at dramatic Emmerdale 'shooting'

One of Emmerdale's biggest soap villains gets his comeuppance tonight in a story that will spark a massive whodunnit. Robert Sugden will be seen getting shot in this evening's episodes with a long list of people who all have their reasons for wanting him dead. Our reporter James Webster went behind the scenes as the cast and crew filmed this evening's dramatic events:

Isabel Hodgins: Emmerdale's Robert was bound to get shot

Emmerdale actress Isabel Hodgins says she is not surprised that he on-screen brother ends up getting shot in dramatic scenes to be screen tonight. Her alter ego Victoria will rush to Robert Sugden's aid just moments after a mystery person pulls the trigger on him, a storyline which called for several days of overnight filming:


Emmerdale actor explains why his character is dressed as 'Columbo' for dramatic scenes

Emmerdale's Tony Audenshaw says tonight's dramatic shooting storyline takes place against the unlikely backdrop of a 'detective' themed party in which his character Bob Hope ends up running around the village dressed as 'Columbo'. The bizarre scene will see him one of the first to arrive when the character Robert Sugden is shot behind the Woolpack pub:

Emmerdale's Danny Miller admits latest storyline is a thrill to film

The actor who plays Aaron Livesy in Emmerdale admits the show's latest storyline has been a huge thrill to play. Danny Miller's character Aaron had an affair with Robert Sugden, who will be seen this evening getting shot. He says he has more motive than most for being the person with the gun after Robert forced him to cover up his involvement in the death of his step-brother's wife:

Lucy Pargeter: Emmerdale's Chas Dingle could pull the trigger

Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter admits her character has both the motive and the ability to pull the trigger in tonight's episode when Robert Sugden is seen getting shot. She plays Chas Dingle who is angry after Robert admitted playing a part in the death of her best friend while covering up his affair with her son Aaron:

Ryan Hawley: Filming Robert Sugden's shooting is really exciting

The actor who plays Robert Sugden in Emmerdale says it was really exciting to film tonight's scenes which see his character getting shot. Ryan Hawley says he has never done anything like that before and admits his character has managed to rub many people up the wrong way:

The episode is directed by Neil Alderton who explains how the tension will build with many other character in the frame for pulling the trigger:


Emmerdale's Robert Sugden to be shot in dramatic storyline

Emmerdale's Robert Sugden, played by Ryan Hawley Credit: ITV Studios

Emmerdale will start a massive whodunnit plot this evening when scenes showing Robert Sugden being shot are aired. The character, played by Ryan Hawley, has managed to alienate himself from many other people in the village and there is no shortage of suspects who may want him dead.

Two episodes of the Yorkshire soap will be screened this evening as the dramatic events play out. Cast and crew filmed through the night for several days to put the scenes together. Producers are keeping details of what happens next, including whether Robert survives, a closely guarded secret.

Emmerdale star remembers Queen's visit

With her love of the countryside it's hardly surprising that the Queen chose to visit Emmerdale during her 2002 Golden jubilee tour.

She remarked to the cast of the show that it must be a dangerous place to live - and hinted that the programme had at least one royal fan. Emmerdale star Chris Chittell remembers the Royal visit.

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