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Resident speaks after lorry crash

Dozens of people had to leave their homes this morning in Lincolnshire after a lorry crashed into a bungalow - damaging a gas pipe.

Around 30 homes were evacuated after the crash on Boston Road in Horncastle. Houses on three surrounding roads were emptied as gas and structural engineers worked on the scene. The lorry driver has been taken to Lincoln County Hospital. Neighbour Ken Pickering saw the crash happen.


Lorry crashes into home

The driver of this lorry was injured when it crashed into a bungalow Credit: Nerys McGarry

Emergency services were called to Boston Road at Horncastle after a lorry crashed into the side of a bungalow. The driver was taken to Lincoln County Hospital but details of his injuries have not yet been confirmed.

A gas pipe was damaged, leading to the evacuation of about 30 nearby homes as a precaution. The occupants have now been allowed back in.