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Evan the ambassador

He is an 8-year-old who defied doctors, and walked to school - even though he had been told he would spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Today, Evan Whitton from Silsden has been presented with a new challenge - to bring the Paralympic flame to Yorkshire.

Evan has Cerebral Palsy and went to America for an operation that helped him to walk - the determination that got him through hours of painful physiotherapy impressed games organisers and led to him being chosen as a Paralympic Ambassador.

Victoria Whittam has his story so far.


Walking to school

Evan Whitton has walked to school for the very first time. He has had difficulties walking and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was one. Today the seven year old from Silsden challenged himself to walk to school as part of an Olympics-inspired project.

First walk to school

A seven year old boy has today walked to school for the first time.

Evan Whitton from Silsden, West Yorkshire has had to use a wheelchair to get to school up until now as he has Cerebal Palsy.

Evan's first walk to school Credit: Tina Gelder

He has always had difficulty walking and has even been to America for surgery, which has enabled him to walk with the aid of sticks.

He decided to try to walk to school after hearing about a project called "Walk the history of the Games", which has been inspired by the London 2012 Olympics.

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