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Criminal investigation into dead fish

Dead fish
Some dead fish in Doe Park reservoir last month Credit: Calendar News

A criminal investigation's been launched by the Environment Agency after a pollutant which killed thousands of fish in West Yorkshire was identified. Around 2,500 dead roach, bream and perch were found in Doe Park reservoir in Denholme last month.

The Environment Agency are not naming the substance, but have issued a warning to residents and businesses to dispose of chemicals carefully, and not to pour them down drains.


Fish killed in reservoir

Almost 2500 fish have died Credit: Calendar

Almost 2,500 fish have died in a reservoir in West Yorkshire.

The Environment Agency was contacted after members of the public contacted them after seeing distressed fish in the water at Doe Park Activity Centre in Denholme.

It is not yet known exactly what the cause is, but early examinations suggest an irritant has got into the water, reducing its quality.

One possible cause could be due to the change in weather as some of the fish were covered in a mucus-like substance. Yorkshire Water have been pumping oxygen into the water to improve conditions for the remaining fish.

Whitby's fishing industry

The fishing industry in our region is to get more local control.

The EU Council has agreed that Britain should be allowed to meet quotas with neighbouring countries - instead of having to follow rules set by landlocked nations. The Council also said there should be a ban on the practice of throwing dead fish back into the sea once quotas have been met.

Fisheries minister Richard Benyon has been telling us how it will affect the industry in Whitby.


Dead fish in Grantham

Hundreds of dead fish and hundreds more gasping at the surface of the water have been seen in a stretch of the Grantham Canal.

It is because of low dissolved oxygen levels. The Environment Agency has put several barrels of hydrogen peroxide into the water to generate oxygen.

It is estimated that up to 500 fish died, with at least 1,500 struggling for oxygen.


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