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New arrival at Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land have welcomed a new arrival in the form of a camel calf.

The new camel calf

The youngster was born last Thursday to mum Abi and dad Baxter, but has yet to be named.

The two-humped Bactrian camels which are critically endangered and found in the Gobi desert in Asia. Despite there being numerous domesticated camels, the Bactrian camel population is less than 1,000, with around 600 individuals in China and 350 in Mongolia.


Leeds players are 'speculating' about next manager

Leeds players feed kangaroos Credit: ITV

Leeds Utd players Michael Brown and Stephen Warnock admit their side is now in a relegation battle after a 2-1 home defeat to Derby that means they've now gone six games without a win.

Brown also said that he has yet to speak to Neil Warnock, who he also played for at Sheffield Utd, after Warnock's departure last night. Brown went on to say, "the players, like the fans, are speculating as to who will replace him as manager."

Defence of Flamingo Land boss

The defence for Flamingo Land boss Gordon Gibb told magistrates this was not a one off and involved a "gang of ticket touts" who travelled from theme park to theme park. It was alleged they had set up shop in Flamingo Land's can park selling two for one vouchers which have no monetary value.

When Mr Gibb began walking one of them off the site, the court was told the man became veryaggressive and shoulder barged Mr Gibb before making a phone call saying "You'll get it now".


Flamingo Land lawsuit to be heard again

A family who originally failed in a discrimination claim against theme park Flamingo Land have been told their case can be heard again.

Paul and Belinda Edwards, whose two children are disabled, were told by the Park staff they could not take their food outside - despite saying it would be easier for them to cope.

After appearing at the Court of Appeal today, Lord Justice Pill said there were arguable grounds for discrimination and the family will have a full hearing before three senior judges.


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