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Flood-damaged seafarers centre to officially reopen

A centre for seafarers will officially reopen today, nine months after devastating flooding caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused by flooding

The mission needed to have its building completely stripped out after the Immingham docks' defences were breached in the tidal surge last December.

As the tide overtopped the docks, water swept into the centre bringing with it fish, debris and contaminated water.

The centre will be officially opened by a Port Director from Associated British Ports, John Fitzgerald.

ABP provided temporary accommodation so that the mission could continue giving seafarers communication links with their families around the world.


MP: Humber needs protection from flooding

An MP from East Yorkshire has warned that failure to invest in better flood defences could cost the region billions of pounds.

David Davis said the Humber is a national strategic asset which needs protection and failing to do so could lead to flooding on a bigger scale than last December, as Fiona Dwyer reports.

MPs unite over Humber flood defences plea

MPs and councillors from across the political parties attended a debate in Parliament today, to advance the case for improving the Humber’s flood defences.

They say the £32 billion of potential damage, disruption and loss of investment at risk dwarfs the £888 million needed to implement the Environment Agency’s strategy and build up defences. The group will also be meeting with the Prime Minister next week.


Boston still suffering six months after floods

It is six months since Boston experienced the worst flooding it had seen in decades.

Yet many residents are still living in water-damaged homes while thousands of pounds put aside to help them goes unclaimed.

The Environment Agency says less than a fifth of those living in flood risk areas have signed up for its free alerts.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that the damage done to St Botolph's Church is far worse than first thought.

Adam Fowler has the story:

Boston flood victims fail to claim repair cash

Thousands of pounds set aside for property repairs following the floods in Boston is going unclaimed.

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, only around a a hundred and fifty households out of the eight hundred have applied for the five thousand pound "Repair and Renewal Grant."

An event has been held today in Boston Market Place where people could get information about grants, flood warnings and defence systems.

New water cleaning programme begins on east coast

Ultra violet light is being used to clean up sea water along the east coast as part of a multi-million pound development by Yorkshire Water.

A huge new tank on Scarborough's seafront stores storm water which would normally cause sewers to overflow into the sea, or back up into people's homes. UV light is then used to kill bacteria in the water, before it's emptied back into the sea.

Yorkshire Water say it will make bathing water cleaner:

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