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Florida guilty verdict: reaction

Joe Hallett, a friend of Mr Kouzaris and Mr Cooper read a statement to the

court. Addressing Tyson personally he said:

"It was through your deadly action that you have taken us all on a journey to hell during the last 12 months.

– Joe Hallett, friend of James Kouzaris

Mr Hallett described the victims as

decent human beings [who] would judge a person by what is on the inside."

"They were two of the good guys in life. You pierced their hearts with bullets and you robbed my friends of their dignity, their freedom and their future.


LATEST: Florida murders

Shawn Tyson, the teenager accused of murdering two former Sheffield University students in America is not giving evidence in his own trial.

It was claimed today that he shot James Kouzaris twice in the back and James Cooper was hit four times.

The friends were on holiday in Sarasota at the time. 17 year old Tyson denies the charges and his defence team has told the judge that he won't be taking the stand. The closing arguments in the case will be heard tomorrow.

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