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Pierre Barnes: latest update

A French news agency reported that a boy's body was found by bathers in the water south of Porquerolles at around 5pm. Toulon prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux told Agence France Presse (AFP): "The body matches that of the young boy who went missing on Saturday."

He said the physical appearance matched as well as the clothes. The agency reported that the body was found by Langoustier bay to the south of the island, not far from where Pierre's bike was discovered.

It said the fire and rescue service have been dispatched to recover the body. Mr Tarabeux told the agency that a post mortem examination would take place as soon as possible.

Missing Pierre: reports that police find a body

There are reports that French police searching for 12 year old Pierre Barnes from Grantham who disappeared at the weekend have found a body. Pierre went missing on the island of Porquerolle near Toulon at the start of his half term holiday.

Search teams were brought in from the mainland but could only find his bike and one of his shoes. It is thought that his father has been asked to identify a body.


Search for Lincolnshire boy scaled down

The search for a Lincolnshire schoolboy who disappeared on a holiday island off the south of France has been scaled down.

12-year-old Pierre Barnes, who was from Grantham, vanished on Saturday after he was caught up in a severe storm during a bike ride on the island of Porquerolles.

His father, Stephen, has admitted he believes his son is dead and said his family now hope that the youngster's body is found. The search was called off yesterday because of bad weather but has resumed again today with fewer people involved.

Little hope of finding Pierre alive

As the search for a Lincolnshire schoolboy who disappeared during a storm on a French holiday island ends its fourth day, the youngster's father has admitted hope of finding him alive is fading.

Twelve year old Pierre Barnes, whose family live in Grantham, hasn't been seen since going for a bike ride on Saturday just before the island of Porquerolle was hit by the worst weather in decades. Lisa Adlam reports.


Search for missing schoolboy

The search is on for a 12-year-old schoolboy who disappeared during a half-term family break on a Mediterranean holiday island.

It's feared that Pierre Barnes from Grantham may have been swept out to sea during a violent storm. He'd gone for a bike ride soon after his family arrived at the island of Porquerolles, near the port city of Toulon, off the south coast of France. David Hirst reports.

Fears grow for missing boy

Missing schoolboy Pierre Barnes with his parents Credit: Press Association

Fears are growing for the safety of a Lincolnshire schoolboy who disappeared on a holiday island off the south of France during a severe storm. 12-year-old Pierre Barnes, vanished on Saturday after going for a bike ride on the island of Porquerolles, near Toulon on the Mediterranean coast.

Rescuers yesterday found one of his shoes on a coastal path, alongside his bike with its chain off. His father Stephen, 57, from Grantham, told French television of his hopes that his son had survived the storm.

"I am certain he went off on an adventure on his bicycle but in the forest all the little tracks look the same. He is lost but he is a strong boy and I hope he found a place to sleep where there was not too much wind. It's difficult to say what you can do when you are cold and frightened, " he said.

Pierre disappeared just hours after he and his family arrived on the island for a week-long half-term holiday, it was reported. More than 150 local volunteers are believed to have helped search for him yesterday.

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