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Prisoners face guard hostage charge

Three prisoners will be charged with allegedly taking a guard hostage after an investigation by counter-terror police.

Feroz Khan, Fuad Awale and David Watson, who were all inmates at HMP Full Sutton in North Yorkshire, are accused of false imprisonment on May 26

Khan and Awale are also accused of threatening to kill the officer, and Khan will be charged with grievous bodily harm on the guard, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a second officer.

Following an investigation by the police's north east counter terrorism unit, the CPS has authorised charges against three men currently detained in prison.

"It is alleged that on May 26 2013 Feroz Khan, Fuad Awale and David Watson, all of whom were at that time prisoners at HMP Full Sutton, unlawfully imprisoned a prison officer and detained him against his will. They will be jointly charged with one count of false imprisonment.

"A number of demands were made during the incident which resulted in the case being handled by counter-terrorism officers and specialist prosecutors."

– Rakesh Sarin, Crown Prosecution Service


Facts about York's Full Sutton prison

Key facts about York's Full Sutton prison following a recent inspection

  • HMP Full Sutton holds around 600 of the country's most serious offenders.
  • Recent inspections have reported positively on the prison and, although some concerns remain, this inspection found it had improved further.
  • Levels of violence were low, drug use was low and there was a range of good quality, well-managed purposeful activity available.

Warning over Full Sutton top security jail

There is a warning today that a top security Yorkshire jail housing terrorists, murderers and rapists could face a potential loss of control because of continued budget cuts.

The independent Monitoring Board for Full Sutton Prison, near York, which holds 600 inmates, has warned the scale of the funding cuts could lead to increased tensions within the jail. It says the prison is well managed, but has found tensions already between Muslims and other prisoners.

The Prison Service says systems are in place to deal with violent incidents quickly and robustly and it says the report will be considered by Ministers who will respond in due course.

Prisoner stabbed at Full Sutton Prison

Police are investigating after a prisoner was stabbed by another inmate at Full Sutton Prison in East Yorkshire.

A Full Sutton prisoner was stabbed by another prisoner at 4pm on 21.1.13. The prisoner was taken by ambulance to outside hospital and treated for a stomach wound; he was returned to the prison later that night.

The police are investigating and the prison will conduct an internal investigation."

– Prison Service Spokesman



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