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Five Respect councillors resign

Five of the respect party councillors in Bradford have resigned from the party over a row about George Galloway MP running for Lord Mayor of London.

Alyas Karmani, Ruqaya Collector, Faisal Khan, Ishtiaq Ahmed and Mohammed Shabbir say they have been left with no choice but to resign from the party.

Ahmed and Shabbir were suspended from the party in August after expressing concerns about Galloway's comments that he would consider running for London Mayor in 2016.


Suspended councillor demands 'full retraction'

A councillor from Bradford, suspended from the Respect party, says he is demanding a full retraction of comments made against him and five others.

Councillor Mohammad Shabbir was suspended alongside another of the city's Respect councillors over comments he allegedly made about about George Galloway considering running for Mayor of London.

Now he says he and the city's four other Respect Councillors have quit the party.

Two Respect party members face disciplinary action

George Galloway Credit: PA

Two Respect party councillors from Bradford are facing disciplinary action over claims that they've been disloyal to the party.

The Respect Party, led by George Galloway who was elected as an MP in the city last year in a landslide victory are questioning the councillors loyalty to the party on a national level.

It comes amid speculation that Mr Galloway himself may be considering putting himself forward as a future Mayor of London when the post comes up for re-election in three years time.


MP camapigns to save museum

People are being urged to descend on Bradford city centre tomorrow in their masses at midday to show their support for the battle to prevent the closure of the National Media Museum.

A public rally being organised by Bradford West MP George Galloway as part of the campaign is expected to attract hundreds outside the museum.**


George Galloway misses 87% of Commons votes

George Galloway Credit: PA

MP George Galloway has missed 87% of all Commons votes during his first year as a Bradford MP and spoken in just seven debates.

Data compiled on website show Mr Galloway has taken part in just 13% of the votes over the past year. Most MPs average between 70 and 80%.

He has spoken in just seven debates - the average for MPs being around 30.

Mr Galloway, a member of the Respect party, has declared the figures "fundamentally flawed" as they present only a partial picture of what an MP does. His office said he has tabled dozens of motions, written letters to Ministers and dealt with a large amount of constituency work from his office.

Galloway: Ofcom is the wrong body to oversee press

The Bradford West MP George Galloway says having Ofcom oversee a self-regulatory body for the press is completely wrong. But the Bradford West MP who had his phone hacked by the News of the World, has welcomed most of the key proposals in the Leveson Report.

"It's a very clever report, trying to bridge the two demands of freedom for the press and some regulatory backup to rule on its excesses," Galloway said. "He is suggesting an independent, self regulatory body which would be overseen by Ofcom. And that's where I part company with him.

Ofcom is entirely the wrong body for this job, it's proscriptive, narrow and conservative. I've had first-hand experience of it. It is not a body which welcomes thrusting, inquiring, investigative journalism. Ofcom would be the deadening hand on the press.'

– George Galloway MP, Respect Bradford West

Galloway added: "Leveson's criticism of the police, particularly the Met police, for its cosy, often corrupt, relationship with the Murdoch press is spot on. Thousands of people whose phones were hacked, including me, would never have known about it had there not been a second more robust inquiry."

George Galloway says Sir Norman Bettison should go

Bradford West MP George Galloway has joined calls for the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire to resign for his part in the Hillsborough disaster.

Mr Galloway claims Sir Norman Bettison, who was a senior officer in the South Yorkshire force involved in the Hillsborough investigation, must have known about the cover-up, which led to fans being blamed for the tragedy.

He said: "He's either a knave or a fool. If either he isn't fit to be in charge of one of the country's largest constabularies. He should go, and go today. I have tabled a motion in the House of Commons today which demands just that."

From the outset South Yorkshire police set out to deflect responsibility for the disaster onto Liverpool fans, when it is clear that a major incident plan was not implemented and that there were obvious and manifest police failures in response to the disaster. Worse than that the police altered statements on an industrial scale and briefed the media that drunken, ticketless fans were to blame. It is now clear that this was a disgraceful attempt to blackguard the dead, 41 of whom, we now know, might be alive today if the police and the rescue services had acted properly.

– George Galloway MP
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