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Metal thieves put lives at risk

There are concerns people’s lives are being put at serious risk by thieves targeting overhead power lines across West Yorkshire.

In the last week alone, nine incidents of theft from the electricity network have taken place locally with 40 in total over the last few weeks.

The thefts have resulted in approximately 13 kilometres of copper cable being stolen and thousands of properties experiencing disruption to their electricity power supplies as a result

Earlier this week, thieves damaged overhead lines in East Yorkshire in two incidents near Goole which interrupted electricity supplies to 1019 properties.

In many cases, thieves cutting power lines carrying 11,000 volts have left the cable ends hanging dangerously across public roads and footpaths.

Once again, thieves are showing complete disregard for people’s safety to steal cable with relatively little financial value. The cost of the repair is not our primary concern. It’s the significant risk to public life that worries us most of all. Our power lines are over public land and cross footpaths and roads, so the potential danger to safety is significant. Our engineers will always respond extremely quickly once they’re made aware of damage to the electricity network to make our equipment safe, but it could be a member of the public who comes across the damage first.

We appeal to people living and working locally to be alert to any suspicious activity around our power lines and to notify us, the police on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 immediately. One phone call could save someone’s life.

– Mick Hickling, Head of Network Repairs at Northern Powergrid

What these people don’t realise is they are not only putting the community in danger, but also themselves – so don’t let them get away with their actions. Contact Crimestoppers anonymously, safe in the knowledge that nobody will ever know you contacted us.

– Gemma Wilson, Crimestoppers


Hospital death rates highlighted

North Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
North Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is among 16 NHS trusts in England showing higher than expected death rates, according to a major report.

The guide, from health statistics firm Dr Foster, showed 16 hospital trusts had higher than expected death rates among patients in hospital, down from 20 the previous year.

The analysis showed 13 hospital trusts scored poorly on at least two out of four main indicators relating to patient death.

The indicators included a standard measure of in-hospital deaths, deaths within 30 days of the patient leaving hospital, deaths after surgery and deaths among people with low-risk conditions who would normally survive.

Of these 13 trusts, five were investigated earlier in the year by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh over concerns about their standards of care.

They were Northern Lincolnshire and Goole, Blackpool, Medway, North Cumbria, and United Lincolnshire hospital trusts.

Overall, the new report showed that 28 trusts had lower than expected in-hospital death rates. Furthermore, more trusts scored low on two or more of the death rate indicators than scored highly.

Using all key measures, the data also showed that 10 hospital trusts have one or more hospital sites with a death rate higher than the overall trust level.

The number of people who died in hospital in England and Wales in 2012/13 was also higher than in the previous year but lower than 2010/11.

Some 237,100 patients died in hospital in 2012/13, 4,400 more than in 2011/12 but 5,300 fewer than 2010/11.

Open day as school builds real life plane

Members of the public are being invited to Goole High School today where students involved in a Build a Plane project are to hold an Open Day. Work is underway on the Spirit of Goole scheme which will see the production of a fully operational bi-plane by the summer.

Students are currently putting together more than 10,000 parts that are starting to take shape as the tail and fuselage of the plane, which will eventually be used to offer flying lessons from Breighton Airfield.


Pupils queue up to make first deposits at new school bank

A pupil deposits their first pound at Boothferry Primary School's new bank
A pupil deposits their first pound at Boothferry Primary School's new bank Credit: ITV News Calendar

Around 50 pupils have become the first in Goole to open accounts at a new school bank run by Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union. The Pennies 2 Pounds clubs are being introduced throughout the town to encourage pupils, parents and teachers to save more money for the future.

Pupils and their parents queued up early to open their new accounts
Pupils and their parents queued up early to open their new accounts Credit: ITV News Calendar

The bank opens its doors before classes every Tuesday morning. Every pupil who joins gets a money box to collect their spare pocket money. Teachers and volunteers from the credit union hope it will teach them how important it is to manage their money for the future.

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