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MP urges support for superfast broadband in rural areas

This week the Government’s plan to roll out superfast broadband services to rural areas has received European Union approval.

Graham Stuart MP, who represents Beverley and Holderness, has urged MPs to get behind rural areas who might not benefit from the scheme.

“Most areas will get broadband without any government support.

“In rural areas this won’t happen as there aren’t enough potential customers to provide a commercial return for providers – that’s why government support is necessary. Because of rules on “state aid” the Government has had to get permission from the EU and prove that investing in rural broadband will not distort the market or provide unfair competition to others.

“Now that Brussels has said yes we can crack on in the East Riding and make sure that our rural areas start to receive a decent service.”

– Graham Stuart MP, Beverley and Holderness

MoD wind turbine objections"jeopardise businesses"

An MP is claiming Ministry of Defence objections to wind turbines in East Yorks are "jeopardising the viability of businesses".

MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart is seeking clarification from the MoD on its objections to the development of some small-scale wind turbines.

He said:

"There are a number of small to medium sized enterprises who want to put up a small turbine to meet their own energy needs but these developments are being blocked by the Ministry of Defence due to the possibility of interference to their new radar system at RAF Staxton Wold.

This unexpected delay is jeopardising the viability of businesses in my constituency and we must act quickly to find a solution. It costs a lot of money to develop a small scale wind turbine to a stage where it can be submitted for planning and a number of businesses are understandably annoyed that they are being blocked so far down the line when their original consultations with the MoD raised no concerns with the developments.

– Graham Stuart MP

He added:

While I accept that military radars are a critical component in protecting UK airspace and in providing a safe Air Traffic Control service, I will be speaking personally to the Minister, Mark Francois MP, to highlight my concerns about the impact the MoD objections are having on my constituents and their ability to do business, save money, and use renewable energy. I will be urging him to ensure that his officials do everything they can to work with developers to ensure that acceptable mitigation measures can be identified.

– Graham Stuart MP


Reaction to caravan tax

Following the Government's decision to tax the sale of static caravans at 5% instead of 20% Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart had this to say:

I am relieved that the Government listened to the arguments, took people’s concerns on board, and decided on a much more reasonable tax on static holiday caravans.

Everyone knows the challenges of tackling the deficit if our children andgrandchildren aren’t to be saddled with huge levels of debt. That’s why theGovernment has to look at every possible source of revenue. But they also have tolisten – which they did – and thousands of jobs will be safeguarded as a result.

– Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness