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Video: Team heads out to Greece to recruit nurses

There is new controversy at one of the country's most criticised hospital trusts tonight amid claims staff shortages are so bad, health chiefs are flying to Greece to recruit more nurses.

NHS bosses at three hospitals in Lincolnshire leave for Athens tomorrow - with the aim of taking on 50 Greek nurses to work on wards back here.

It comes after Lincolnshire's Hospital Trust was exposed for its high death rates, low staffing and poor training. So will flying in nurses from fifteen hundred miles away solve the problems? Kate Hemingway reports.

Lincolnshire Hospital Trust recruiting Greek nurses

A team from Lincolnshire's Hospitals Trust is preparing to fly out to Greece, to try and recruit more foreign nurses to work in the county.

35 new nurses, who were all required to take an English test, have already been appointed by United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust following a drive earlier this year in Spain and Portugal.

This trip to Greece is to interview further candidates. The Trust's Chief executive Jane Lewington says it's facing a major battle when it comes to recruiting and keeping nurses in their jobs


World's media joins search in Kos

Television crews and reporters from all over the world join the police team in Greece. Credit: Calendar

News organisations from across the world have sent crews and reporters to Kos in Greece to follow the progress of South Yorkshire Police, as they search for clues relating to the disappearance of Ben Needham.

Ben, who was just 21 months old at the time, went missing on July 24, 1991, when his mum Kerry, from Sheffield, left him with her parents Eddie and Christine while she went to work in a hotel.

Today an excavation of the site where some investigators believe Ben may have been buried in rubble, has begun.


Otley plumber detained in Greece arrives home

A plumber from West Yorkshire locked up in one of Greece's toughest jails for crimes he didn't commit has finally been able to return home.

Fran Prenga has now been reunited with his family in Otley after being falsely accused of more than 70 armed robberies and held behind bars for 6 months. He says he was surrounded by dangerous criminals and is going to the European Court of Human Rights to seek compensation.

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