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Woman rescued from burning house by trick-or-treater

An elderly woman was rescued from her burning home by a trick-or-treater.

A man who was trick-or-treating with his child ran into the bungalow in Harrogate and rescued 77-year-old Anne Kirby.

North Yorkshire Fire Service said firefighters were called to the home, which was badly damaged in the blaze, and the pensioner was taken to hospital with mild smoke inhalation.

I think the guy saw the smoke and another lad from over the road came across. Between them they pulled my mum out.

I'd like to thank both of them. It was lucky it was Halloween and there were people around. It could have been a lot worse.

– Neil Kirby, victim's son

A North Yorkshire Fire Service spokesman said the fire is thought to have started in the kitchen.

There were smoke alarms fitted but unsure if these activated and raised the alarm as they were completely destroyed by the fire.

The cause is being classed as accidental, possibly a chip pan left unattended.

– North Yorkshire Fire service spokesperson


Funny-looking pumpkin has a serious message

Spookley the square pumpkin might look funny, but it has a serious message.

The odd-shaped squashes are being grown at a farm shop near Pontefract, to celebrate Halloween and their own pumpkin festival. But the funny-looking pumpkins also have a serious message, as they are to be used to promote an anti-bullying message.

Nick-named Spookley _– the square pumpkin in a round pumpkin world – was the creation of the American writer Joe Troiano.

Over in America the character Spookley is one of the best-known mascots for anti-bullying.

Heather Copley, of Copley farms near Pontefract, is the first to bring Spookley and the anti-bullying message to the UK.

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