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College of Social Work: No child should fall 'off radar'

The Hamzah Khan serious case review brings into sharp focus why there must be strong, joined up and effective systems in place to keep in contact with, and track, children at risk. No child should ever fall off the radar or become invisible, to child protection agencies and society as a whole.

Several key issues stand out. The report demonstrates powerfully the paramount need to keep sight of children who may be suffering neglect or abuse; the needs of vulnerable parents must never obscure focus on knowing what life is like for children. Talking and listening to them, as well as observing how their lives are affected, is an essential element of child protection practice.

– Annie Hudson, chief executive of The College of Social Work


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NSPCC: Hamzah Khan case reveals 'a host of issues'

This deeply saddening case reveals a host of issues that go far wider than just the mother of Hamzah Khan. More than anything this case highlights how small but timely interventions at crucial points from professionals, but from the public too, could have prevented this tragedy.

It is utterly depressing that the first time all the information about the risks in Hamzah’s life were pulled together is a report which has only been written because he is dead. No one professional held all the information whilst he was alive to pull together the fuller picture that might have saved him.

– Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC
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Answers sought to 'glaring absences' in Hamzah review

Edward's Timpson's letter to chair of the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board

Following the publication of a serious care review in the death of four-year-old Hamzah Khan, the children's minister Edward Timpson has written to Bradford Safeguarding Children Board asking them to answer 10 key questions missing from the report.

Mr Timpson said the answers to the "glaring absences" from the review must be made public to "ensure such mistakes will not be repeated in the future".

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