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Restaurant re-opens

The original Harry Ramsden's site Credit: Calendar

The iconic site of the first Harry Ramsden's restaurant is re-opening tomorrow, but Calendar is going behind the scenes today.

It closed earlier this year, but the Wetherby Whaler group has since taken it over. A full refurbishment costing £500,000 has been carried out and the new fish and chip restaurant will still have a lot of the original features.

Installing a fryer: How they did it

A new fryer has been installed at the Wetherby Whaler restaurant in Guiseley. It used to be the home of Harry Ramsden's. A window had to be removed to get 7.3 metre long fryer inside - and this is how they did it.

A feat of logistics Credit: Victoria Whittham
A window had to be taken out Credit: Victoria Whittham
The fryer is 7.3m long Credit: Victoria Whittham