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Man seriously injured after breaking up pub fight

A 51-year old man is fighting for his life in hospital after he was assaulted in a pub in Hatfield this weekend.

Police say that the pub fight broke out between a number of people in the Ingram Arms pub, High Street, Hatfield around 10.30 pm.

It is alleged that the man attempted to intervene and was reportedly assaulted by a group of men.

He was taken to hospital to be treated for a serious head injury.

Two men, aged 29 and 22-years-old, and a 17-year-old boy, were arrested in connection with the incident and bailed pending further enquiries.

Two prisoners abscond from HMP Hatfield

South Yorkshire police are searching for two prisoners who absconded from Hatfield prison.

Absconder James O'Driscoll Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Officers are appealing for information to locate 44-year-old James O’Driscoll and Kurt Taylor, who absconded from HMP Hatfield yesterday.

O'Driscoll was last seen between 4.45pm and 5pm on Thursday 8 January. At around 8.15pm, he was found to be missing and police were called.

He is described as being around 6ft 2ins tall, with brown eyes and brown hair, of slim build. He is known to wear glasses and has the following tattoos on his right arm – an England flag and a red rose saying ‘mum and dad’ – as well as the following tattoos on his left arm – a Viking and a tattoo that says ‘Mam’.

O'Driscoll was sentenced in 2010 for an offence of arson with intent to endanger life and possession of a blade in a public place.

Kurt Taylor Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Taylor was last seen between 4.45pm and 5pm on Thursday 8 January. He was found to be missing at around 8.15pm and police were called.

He is described as being around 5ft 8ins tall, with green eyes and brown hair. He has a tattoo with the letters ‘BHE’ on his right arm.

He is known to have connections to the Humberside region.

He is currently serving a sentence for an offence of assault with intent to commit robbery and aggravated vehicle taking.


Hatfield Colliery secures £8 million government loan

Hatfield Colliery near Doncaster has secured an £8 million Government loan to allow it to develop a new coal reserve.

Without it the pit could have faced imminent closure with the loss of some five hundred jobs.

The cash means Hatfield will stay open to at least the summer of 2016 when the new seam is exhausted. But the loan also allows the employee owned pit time to seek other sources of funding to mine the 40 million tonnes of coal that remain.

The investment follows a £4 million pound loan from the NUM in September:

Huge engineering train used to prevent land slips

A new engineering train - one of the longest and most expensive ever - is aiming to make land slips like the one in Hatfield last year a thing of the past, by keeping the condition of the track up to scratch.

The huge slip in South Yorkshire in 2013 cut off the railway line at Hatfield, causing a mass of twisted tracks which put the line out of action for five months while repairs were carried out. It cost tens of millions of pounds to put right.

ITV's Mike Pearse has been to see the new train in action:

Picture of latest prison abscondee

Abscondee AMounir Jaouane

This is the latest inmate to have absconded from HMP Hatfield in DOncaster. Mounir Jaouane, had been released on temporary licence to his former home address in Lathkill Road, Woodthorpe, and failed to return to prison.

Jaouane was sentenced to an indeterminate prison sentence for robbery in January 2007. He's the sixth person to disappear from the open prison in recent weeks.

Police warn public not to approach absconded prisoner

Police in South Yorkshire are searching for a man who absconded from prison on Tuesday.

Richard Brown

Richard Brown, 27, who was serving an indeterminate prison sentence for an aggravated burglary absconded from HMP & YOI Hatfield.

Police are advising the public not to approach him.

He was sentenced in 2007 to an indeterminate sentence of which he had to serve a minimum of 40 months.

Brown has friends and family in the Scunthorpe area and police believe he may attempt to make his way back there but he could also still be in the Doncaster area.


More East Coast rail breaks being investigated

The RAIB are also investigating other rail breaks that have occurred on the East Coast Main Line. These include:

  • a vertical rail break discovered on a section of continuously welded rail, after a member of public had reported unusual levels of noise as trains passed over a stretch of line near Corby Glen, Lincolnshire (September 14 2012)
  • a 100mm gap due to a broken rail on the Up Main line at Copmanthorpe, near York, that was reported by the driver of a train on the adjacent line (November 28 2012)

Network Rail deny staffing cuts caused gap

Network Rail strongly deny the claims and a dip was identified - but it turned into a crack the day before they were due to repair it.

“A dip in our track was identified and spotted at Hambleton on 17 January. Following our well-tried and tested standard industry procedure to remedy such dips, we scheduled an intervention to repair this dip on the Saturday night of 2 February. Unfortunately the track deteriorated more quickly than is to be expected and, on discovering the broken rail, all traffic was stopped immediately while a repair was carried out.”

“This incident was managed within all safety standards and was in no way affected by changes to staffing levels. Safety issues will never be compromised in the name of managing costs.”

– Network Rail spokesman

Rail unions face "massive pressure" to keep services going

RMT union say they face "massive pressure" to keep services running - in the face of cutbacks.

"This shocking new picture highlights the reality on Britain's railways today - staffing, inspections and track renewals have been cut in the dash to save money and there is massive pressure right from the top of Government to keep services running at all costs regardless of the potential human cost. If we don’t reverse the cuts on Britain’s railways another major tragedy is inevitable.

"RMT has made it crystal clear that we want all cuts to staffing, maintenance and renewals reversed and all track works brought back in house rather than subbed-out to contractors. The current contractor staff should be transferred over to direct Network Rail employment. We also want the pressure from the centre to run services at any costs lifted to enable safety-critical works to take place immediately."

– Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary
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