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How did the hedgehog cross the road?

Hedgehog crossing

Hedgehogs may be prickly creatures, but sometimes it's just because they need a helping hand.

One hedgehog in Bradford recently came to the attention of the West Yorkshire Police when it was spotted trying to cross a busy road near Eccleshill. It's understood that although the hedgehog had diligently tried to follow the Green Cross Code, it had underestimated how long it would take to scurry across the wide road.

Fortunately the officer from the Bradford East Neighbourhood Policing Team took pity on the creature and personally escorted it across.


Hedgehogs released in Sheffield

Fluffy the hedgehog

As the weather becomes more Autumnal, the Tropical Butterfly House near Sheffield will release two young hedgehogs into the wild, ready for hibernation.

Team Leader Heather Scott found a small hedgehog out in the open in the grounds of the zoo at the beginning of September. It turned out the animal - now named Fluffy, had a lot of ticks and was noticeably underweight. Another baby hedgehog, Pringle, has also been reared by staff.

Now at the correct weight to survive their long sleep, they will be released later.

Home Hedgehog hospital

One woman's love of helping animals has lead to an influx of new lodgers at her home in West Yorkshire. Vicky Greenwood has recently given up her full-time job and now runs a hospital for sick and injured hedgehogs.

The prickly creatures get through 25 tins of pet food a day, and drink special milk as hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. Credit: ITV Calendar