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Show and tell at Hepworth

A Hepworth employee's collection of Mr Potato Heads

Visitors to the Hepworth in Wakefield are being asked to bring in their collections this weekend - however weird and wonderful.

"I Collect", held between 10am and 4pm today and tomorrow, has been inspired by the new David Roberts Collection.

A Hepworth employee's collection of mushroom-related items

Whether it's stamps, family photos, holiday souvenirs or football scarves - the gallery would love to see what visitors have gathered over the years.

A Hepworth employee's collection of Yoshis

Members of staff have been joining in too. Becky Harlow, Schools Co-ordinator, brought in her Mr Potato Head collection. She said: "I Collect.... Mr Potato Heads, because they remind me of my childhood, I simply love them!"

Other members of staff are showing off collections including anything mushroom-related, Yoshi paraphernalia, and model trains.