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Hillsborough police officer says he 'did not fail' in his duties

A retired senior South Yorkshire police officer has told a court that he didn't fail in his duties on the day of the Hillsborough disaster. Speaking on his third day of evidence at the fresh inquests into the 1989 tragedy, Roger Greenwood refuted that he was "incompetent on a grand scale."

The former superintendent said he wishes there was more the police could have done. Andy Bonner reports from the special court in Cheshire.

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Hillsborough witness told officers of 'differences in policing'

The court heard that Mr Cruice mentioned the differences in policing between 1988 and 1989 to two West Midlands Police officers who interviewed during an interview at his home in Birkenhead two weeks after the disaster.

The jury has previously been told that the police force investigated the disaster from 1989 for the Taylor Inquiry.

Mr Cruice said he was "very surprised" that none of it was mentioned when he read his statement online earlier this year.

The court heard that the witness statement was written up by one of the officers during the course of the interview and signed by Mr Cruice after he had read it.

He said: "I always remember the 1988 game because of the very structured police operation. It was almost like a cordon, or at least we felt as if we passed through a cordon on the way to the ground… It really stood out, and it still does today, in its efficiency in contrast to a lot of other games I went to at the time."

He told the court he believed he told West Midlands Police about his experience.

"It was the trauma of the day that was still very much first and foremost at the front of my mind. It’s something that I did mention during the conversations but it wasn't an overriding point," he said.


'Urgent' inquiry into offensive Hillsborough remarks

As more relatives of the 96 Hillsborough victims spoke movingly about their loved ones today at the inquest into their deaths, an urgent inquiry was launched into claims that government computers were used to send offensive remarks about the tragedy to the internet.

The allegation is that changes were made to Wikipedia, the online information site, by someone using Whitehall computers, including some based at the office of the solicitor general. Relatives and Ministers say they are disgusted as Ralph Blunsome reports.


Balloons released in honour of Hillsborough victims

Ninety-six balloons are released as You'll Never Walk Alone echoes around Anfield.

Balloons released at Anfield

Today's service at Anfield finishes with the release of one balloon for each of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Victims' families commended the club for supporting them and for the words of manager Brendan Rogers and Everton manager Roberto Martinez.

Margaret Aspinall, the chair of the families' support group thanked the clubs and managers for their support and introduced a rendition of the Liverpool anthem.

Hillsborough joins Anfield in day of remembrance

As fans, relatives and survivors gather at Anfield to pay their respects to those killed in the Hillsborough disaster 25 years ago, similar memorials have taken place at the Sheffield Wednesday stadium.

Memorial at Hillsborough

The stadium's own memorial has had flowers, flags and scarves laid at it throughout the day as people remember the 96 people who died there in 1989.

Memorial at Hillsborough
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