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Families honour Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams

Danny Gordon, Sarah Williams, Ian Barnes, Charlotte Hennessey, Phil Rowan Credit: ITV Granada, Rachel Townsend

The families of Hillsbrough victims have unfurled a banner outside the preliminary hearing in London in honour of Anne Williams.

The campaigner who died in April fought for justice for her 15 year old son Kevin who killed at the disaster.

The other side shows Sir Norman Bettison who is under investigation over claims he was behind a police cover-up.


Recovered notebooks could hold vital Hillsborough information

More than 90 police notebooks that could contain crucial information about the Hillsborough disaster have been recovered. They've been handed into South Yorkshire Police by retired and serving officers.

The force is the subject of the biggest ever inquiry into police conduct in the UK. The IPCC says it's already found evidence to suggest statements about the tragedy may have been changed.

Police told to search own buildings in Hillsborough probe

South Yorkshire police has been ordered to search all it's storerooms for notebooks which could provide crucial evidence of what happened on the day of the Hillsborough disaster which claimed 96 lives.

The Independent police complaints commission has revealed that one officer has admitted keeping a note of what happened in his pocketbook which was contrary to what he'd been told to do. The watchdog says it could be a significant new piece of evidence.

No notebooks have ever been looked at by any Hillsborough inquiry and the South Yorkshire force has been told to make a rigorous search of it's archives.

More Hillsborough statements may have been altered

Dozens more police officers may have had their statements documenting the Hillsborough disaster amended, it was revealed today.

Last year a report by the Hillsborough Independent Panel found that over a hundred official statements had been changed to remove or alter comments that were unfavourable to police.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission, which has launched a fresh investigation into the tragedy and its aftermath, has identified fifty-five more that may have been amended. The IPCC has also says it will soon begin interviewing officers whose statements were altered.


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