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Shopkeeper's defiance at ban on fruit and veg display

A shopkeeper from Hornsea says he has been unfairly singled out after the council told him to remove tables of fruit and veg from the pavement outside.

Alvin Wilkinson started selling the produce after a new supermarket opened, cutting his trade. Officials say customers stopping to pick items off his display are blocking the footpath. James Webster reports.

Shopkeeper says other shops' displays narrow pavements more

The shopkeeper in Hornsea, who has been told to remove his fruit and vegetables from outside his shop, says other traders on the same street are not being singled out in the same way. Alvin Wilkinson points out that their displays (below) are on narrower sections of pavements than his tables.

A fruit and vegetable display outside another shop in Hornsea Credit: ITV News Calendar

Mr Wilkinson only started selling local produce after a new supermarket opened nearby as a way of attracting customers back to his business. Since then he says trade has improved significantly.

Peaches and strawberries outside Countdown in Hornsea Credit: ITV News Calendar

Council explains reasons behind banning shopkeeper's produce display

East Riding of Yorkshire has been explaining its decision to ask shopkeeper Alvin Wilkinson to remove his tables of fruit and vegetables from the outside of his store in Hornsea.

Unlike some authorities, this council does not have a zero tolerance approach to the display of goods for sale, or advertising boards on the highway (including pavements). Instead, we try to work with businesses to strike a balanced approach. We consider the needs of businesses to attract custom and the benefits that some displays might add to the vibrancy of the town, and we balance that against the need for the free flow of pedestrians, avoiding obstructions, and an uncontrolled proliferation of signage and other displays.

This pragmatic approach can sometimes be difficult to achieve and from time to time business owners are requested to remove or reduce ‘offending’ items.

In this particular instance, following complaints received and subsequent investigation, it was found that, whilst the display itself did not cause a particular obstruction, groups of shoppers around the display meant that other pedestrians often had to move out on to the road in order to pass it. Indeed it was claimed that a child had actually been struck by a car wing mirror in the process of stepping into the road to get round the shoppers. This obvious danger was therefore not an acceptable situation, which led to the request for the removal of the display.

– East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson


Shopkeeper accuses council of victimising him over his fruit and veg display

A shopkeeper from Hornsea is accusing East Riding of Yorkshire Council of unfairly singling him out after insisting he removes his fruit and vegetables from the outside of his shop. Alvin Wilkinson began selling the produce after he says a new supermarket caused a dramatic drop in trade.

Alvin Wilkinson stocking up his fruit and veg display in Hornsea Credit: ITV News Calendar

The 71 year old, who has run his Countdown shop for 21 years, says officials previously approved his display but he has now received a letter telling him it must go. They say complaints have been received that while the produce does not block the pavement, the shoppers gathered around it do.

Renewable energy boost for power stations

Two Yorkshire projects are among eight approved by the Government creating a total of 8,500 jobs.

Drax Power Station Credit: Press Association

Drax Power Station will receive investment for biomass conversion, while off shore wind farms at Hornsea will contribute to the provision of clean energy to three million homes by 2020.

All eight are expected to generate £12 billion in private sector investment.

Antique bombs found on Mappleton beach

Experts have blown up what is thought to be a set of antique bombs on Mappleton beach.

Experts carry out a controlled explosion

Hornsea Coastguard were called yesterday afternoon after a walker discovered them. In all, eight explosive devices were found.

It is thought they were practice bombs from a former army training range at nearby Cowden.

Armed robbery at Hornsea Post Office

Police are hunting an armed robber who raided a Post Office in Hornsea.

They were called at 6.47pm yesterday, with money said to have been stolen by a man who entered the store’s back yard shortly after the Post Office closed.

He threatened staff with a firearm, although no shots were fired.

Although the Post Office was shut, the convenience store where it is based was still open.

Police say they have captured a suspect on CCTV, who is described as at least 6ft tall, of a slim build, wearing a black balaclava.

He was wearing blue jeans, a light coloured top and dark gloves.

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