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FSA investigate Todmorden slaughterhouse

Peter Boddy slaughterhouse in Todmorden has been raided by the Food Standards Agency and the police investigating the horsemeat scandal


Horse meat raids: FSA statement

Police and the Food Standards Agency have raided a slaughterhouse in Todmorden as part of the probe into horse meat in processed burgers.

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Fire fighters in dramatic horse rescue

Firefighters have rescued a 26-year-old horse called Cloud, who’d become stuck over a gate in a Doncaster field.

The horse had tried to jump the gate on Tickhill Road, Bawtry.

The horse was stranded for about half an hour and was becoming distressed, before Adwick firefighters were called and with safety equipment in place, managed to slide the animal to safety.

After being checked over by a vet, the horse was found to be fine.


This 26-year-old horse called Cloud was in a bit of a pickle earlier, getting stuck on a gate in #Doncaster #jumpfail


Luckily Adwick firefighters were on hand to shove Cloud the horse to safety!


Horse killed after Selby collision

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses after a horse was killed on the A19 at Eggborough, near Selby.

The incident occurred opposite the junction with High Eggborough Lane at about 2pm on Thursday August 8.

It involved a red Toyota Yaris driven by a 23-year-old local woman who was heading in the direction of Selby, and a horse ridden by a 14-year-old local girl - who entered the carriageway from the side of the road.

The girl escaped with minor injuries after being thrown from the horse, but the animal had to be put down.

Witnesses to the collision should call North Yorkshire Police on 101.


Video: Horse meat scandal widens

The owner of a beefburger factory in Doncaster has told Calendar of his shock after the firm became the latest in the region to be drawn into the horse meat scandal.

Paragon Quality Foods says it can't explain the presence of horse DNA in a burger it supplied to the hotel and pub chain Whitbread, but says it's now testing its products every day in a laboratory to make sure they've got the all clear. Jon Hill reports.

Statement from Paragon Quality Foods

Paragon Quality foods have released a statement after it was found some of the

beefburgers they supplied to a chain of hotels have been found to contain horse meat. It reads as follows:

  • "Paragon Quality foods only buys beef from licensed and approved EU suppliers.
  • Since the outbreak of the “horse meat scandal” in the European supply chain, we have carried out extensive testing for equine in our burgers all of which were clear to date, with the exception one product, which is still being investigated.
  • Independently a number of our customers in the UK and Europe have also tested our products and to date all results were clear.
  • Paragon have never knowingly bought or handled equine meat products. All our records are available for scrutiny to our customers and FSA officials."

This is a supply chain problem across Europe due to the adulteration of raw material by criminal elements. As a key beef burger manufacturer the integrity of our product is paramount. We have therefore decided to implement an industry leading system of positive release of all products as from Monday 18th February 2013.

– Spokesman, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd


Horse meat found in South Yorkshire burgers

Doncaster food manufacturing company Paragon Quality Foods Ltd have confirmed that some beefburgers they supplied to a chain of hotels have been found to contain horsemeat.

The company says stressed it has only ever bought meat from reputable suppliers.

“Paragon supplies Whitbread with three beefburgers, and we are advised that equine test results were clear for two of these products and positive for one.

The product in question was first produced by us on January 18, 2013.

We are conducting our own tests on the retained sample of this batch as part of our ongoing investigations.

Paragon have never knowingly bought or handled equine meat products. All our records are available for scrutiny to our customers and FSA officials.”

– Spokesman, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd

Number of people who have eaten horse meat unknown

It is unlikely the exact number of people in the UK who have unwittingly eaten

horse meat will ever be known, the chief executive of the Food Standards Agency

(FSA) has conceded.

Catherine Brown said that testing was the right way to address the issue, and

said the focus would be on areas of higher risk.

But she admitted that how many people who had unknowingly eaten horse meat was

likely to be impossible to ascertain.

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