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Hosepipe ban

It is expected that Anglian Water will lift the hosepipe ban, which has been in place since April.

The ban was first put in to deal with drought because after two dry winters groundwater supplies and river levels were low. However, following the restrictions there has been record rainfall across the UK.

Last week, in a drought briefing, the Environment Agency said the wet weather had significantly reduced the risk of drought and further restrictions for the summer.


Water levels on the rise

Groundwater levels have started to rise in some areas after the wettest April on record, but experts warn it will take more time and more rain to undo the drought in South and East Yorkshire.

In its latest update, the Environment Agency said drought is still affecting our region despite the recent heavy rain which has caused localised flooding.

Rivers are now at normal or above average levels, reservoir stocks have improved and dry soils have become wetter as a result of the record rainfall for the month, but groundwater levels remain low for the time of the year